How To Select Your Heliport Lighting Solution

How To Select Your Heliport Lighting Solution

How To Select Your Heliport Lighting Solution

By:Avlite Systems | September 18, 2020
By Wade Evans and Mason Sugars


Wade Evans is the Product, Project and Solutions Manager for Aviation and Digital.

   Mason Sugars is the Product Marketing Coordinator for Aviation.


Lighting is a vital component for safely marking helipads. The world’s critical healthcare network depends on reliable systems that work on demand.

But how do you pick the right product? And do you also need a control system for your lights?

Choosing a heliport lighting solution is dependent on your application, location and usage profile.

What application do you need lit?

Application is the main component for heliports. It dictates the type of lighting you will need. Avlite supply wired, solar and temporary products that can be used in multiple applications. We also can add a standard or customizable control box developed by our team of solution engineers.

There are four main types of Heliport Lighting Solutions that Avlite provide. They include:

Each application has its unique features (click on the links to find out more) but the general setup for ICAO and FAA installations feature:

  • Final Approach and Take Off (FATO) lights.
  • Touchdown and Lift-off area (TLOF) lights.
  • Flightpath alignment guidance lights for available approach and/or departure path direction.
  • An illuminated wind direction indicator to indicate wind direction and speed.
  • Floodlights as required.
  • Taxiway lighting where applicable.
  • Obstruction lights for marking obstacles in the vicinity of the approach and departure paths.

So, your application may be set, but what will work best in your location?

Where is your heliport system?

Your location is a relevant aspect that must be considered. Your application doesn’t dictate your system, and there are some important factors to make sure you select the right system.

Power is the main consideration for heliports. If you have reliable power, a universal mains system is recommended. If the system is critical infrastructure, an Uninterruptable Power Supply can be added. You can also option a solar backup to keep your heliport open no matter the situation. If your heliport is inaccessible to power, a fully solar heliport option may be better suited to your needs.

Your mounting can determine what heliport fixtures you choose. Avlite supply both inset and elevated fixtures so we can supply any light to meet your the needs of your location.

How do you use your heliport?

Your usage of the heliport also needs to be taken into consideration. We can engineer a system to work at the flick of a switch. However, if you use the heliport frequently, you may need additional items such as Pilot Activated Lighting Controls (PALC) to ensure safety and dimmability.

Environmental and solar calculations may be required to make sure you get the right fixture.

Which Solution works for you?

Our sales team would be happy to help with your choice of Avlite Heliport Solutions. Get in touch with them today.


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