Why adding Satcom is crucial to enhancing your solar aviation assets?

Why adding Satcom is crucial to enhancing your solar aviation assets?

Why adding Satcom is crucial to enhancing your solar aviation assets?

By:Avlite Systems | September 14, 2021

Monitoring solar assets has a unique set of challenges due to their stand-alone nature. Unlike fixed assets, a wireless asset requires telemetry included for control and monitoring of your asset. This has traditionally been a good way to connect with your technology however isn’t without its drawbacks.

Previously, monitoring and control via telemetry was based on the GSM mobile coverage in your region. This worked well in certain situations, but infrastructure varies worldwide, so it is not always possible to use, being inconsistent in service.

There is also the expense of setting up each individual asset and registering the mobile number, activating it, and inserting the SIM; a timely process.

The recent mass-market adoption of Satellite communication (Satcom) has changed how assets are monitored and controlled.

Why choose Satcom?

Satcom offers a range of infrastructure and asset intelligence benefits. Avlite is proud to partner with and is powered by Iridium®, the Low Earth Orbit Global Satellite service company. It offers assured coverage with pole-to-pole coverage.

The benefits of Satcom over other wireless technologies include:

  • Assured global coverage
  • A competitive price entry point
  • Backwards compatible, meaning minimal asset refresh
  • Low technology refresh rate
  • Bidirectional communication with asset
  • Short connection time overhead
  • High integrity data reliability

How do I monitor Satcom assets?

Aviation assets all require monitoring and management. Avlite offers our Star2M portal to simplifyyour monitoring, control and compulsory reporting capabilities.

Star2M has many benefits, including:

  • Automated Compliance: Star2M automatically reports on your aviation assets every 24 hours.
  • Real-time Alerts & Alarms: an alert profile allows users to send custom notifications via email and/or SMS to selected users when an asset triggers specific alarms.
  • Two-Way Communication: with Star2M, you can modify key configurations from the portal or mobile app. It sends out control messages to connected and enabled assets.
  • Asset Maintenance: the maintenance reports show information and history such as overall condition, incurred damage, and follow-up needed.

Our fully connected Obstruction range

Soon to come is our updated AV-OL-75 range, which will complete our connected obstruction telemetry Satcom range.

The AV-OL-75 is our most efficient obstruction light, compliant with ICAO Type A. Ideal for application where wired power services are unavailable or too costly to implement for the obstruction asset.

AV-OL-75 can also be used as a barricade in challenging solar locations where enhanced monitoring is require.

The new AV-OL-75 features three battery options, giving you choice in autonomy depending on your applications and light features.

This extra functionality for our robust and compact obstruction and barricade light is key to offering our customers a full Satcom experience.

AV-OL-75 – completing Satcom for our Obstruction lighting

Stay tuned for the imminent launch of the AV-OL-75, which has more features and options. It is easier to order than ever.

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