What are the 4 ways AV-HMALS® Can be Utilised as a Backup System?

What are the 4 ways AV-HMALS® Can be Utilised as a Backup System?

What are the 4 ways AV-HMALS® Can be Utilised as a Backup System?

By:Avlite Systems | August 18, 2021

Lighting on an airport must continue to remain operational no matter the situations it faces. Landing safely at a destination is a non-negotiable, so reliable lighting systems must be available at all times. Having a backup lighting system can mean the difference between a safe landing or a disaster.

Last year, we discussed ‘How a Complementary System’ can assist in keeping your airport running in case of a fault; AV-HMALS® provides an additional solution to meet the application.

Avlite has the most diverse solar and wired airfield range on the market. Our new AV-HMALS® includes products available in visible and IR lighting modes and can operate via solar, AC with Battery Backup, or AC with Battery Backup and solar.

There are four ways you can use AV-HMALS® as a backup system:

  1. Improvement or recovery works

Airports regularly require upgrades and maintenance but are required to keep the airport fully operational. Any downtime can cost major airports millions of dollars, so minimising exposure is essential.

Using a deployed AV-HMALS®, you can quickly deploy lights, keeping your existing control system and the runway operational while improvement works continue.

  1. Unexpected system fault

When an airport has a fault in its system, the fix may require considerable downtime. Having a backup is critical to keeping the runway operational. Defects can vary in size and complexity.

Depending on the size of the issue in the system, AV-HMALS® lighting products and fixtures may be taken to the affected site or the whole system rolled out.

  1. Directing aircrafts

Airports must remain highly versatile to cope with the ever-changing demands of airfield ground operations. Temporary taxiways or exclusion zones may have to be lit to direct air traffic safely and efficiently.

As such, a portable system such as AV-HMALS® can be used to store and transport all portable lighting, with the ability to leave them in place and let them recharge using solar for long term deployment.

  1. Emergency situations

The unpredictability of a crisis means having a backup system is crucial for its management. The emergency may be due to multiple factors outside your control, and in some instances, you may even need to light a separate part of your airport.

AV-HMALS® can easily integrate with existing systems or can run independently. Because it is such a flexible, high mobility system, all you will need to do is pick the correct elements for your situation.

In our Roadworthy trailer configuration, you can option the lighting to stay on charge, keeping batteries topped up. Solar lights have full autonomy*, or you can roll out cables for a wired implementation controlled via PLC or RF.

The options available for AV-HMALS® are endless and are only dependant on your application and your budget. Contact us to help you specify your AV-HMALS®.



*Based on usage and location parameters

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