How solar is ideal for Barricade lighting in temporary applications

How solar is ideal for Barricade lighting in temporary applications

How solar is ideal for Barricade lighting in temporary applications

By:Avlite Systems | October 01, 2021

Barricade lighting is temporary in nature, designed to be placed for safety purposes only.

Airfields and airports need to spend the bare minimum to maintaining these lights, which is why solar variants, and monitoring options, are critical to the lifetime value proposition.

Set and forget – the benefits of solar

Solar lights have various applications on an airfield and numerous benefits to their battery only counterparts.

Efficiency is central to choosing solar lights as they have autonomy. Battery-powered lights, meanwhile, have a charge that will last around a week. This means you need to schedule a crew to pick up the lights. You may also need a second set of lights while your first set is recharging to mark the hazard, depending on its severity.

High-performance solar modules obtain maximum sunlight capture, allowing the unit to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight environments.

Another benefit of barricade lights with an integrated solar battery system includes automatic night activation via an internal photodiode, meaning the only maintenance needed is for periodic cleaning.

The battery is charged by solar modules during daylight hours and only requires replacement every three years.

Which barricade light suits your application?

There are many choices for solar barricade lighting, and Avlite Systems provides options dependent on your application and location.

Our most compact solar barricade light is our AV-OL-60. It is a field-proven, low maintenance, self-contained solar LED light suitable for various applications. Key features include an IP68 waterproof rating and a user-replaceable battery.

If you need a bigger solar capacity, we produce a dual solar panel barricade light, our popular AV-OL-70. With its dual multi-crystalline panels, it can have greater autonomy, with the more significant battery option giving you 24 days of lighting without solar charge.

These two options are excellent and give airfields the flexibility they need.

The AV-OL-75 is our flagship option and is packed with valuable features, including Bluetooth. This allows the light to be monitored from a distance of up to 50 meters. An in-built solar calculator confirms the light’s ability to operate at the set location, ensuring optimal operating performance. It is a larger solar light that can be used for barricade lighting and ICAO Type A Obstruction lighting.

The AV-OL-75 can be fitted with Satcom and GSM connectivity, enabling users to access real-time diagnostic data. These telemetry types connect into our Star2MTM for full asset management, monitoring and control.

Solar is the answer

When it comes to barricade lighting, solar lighting offers you the best lifetime value. Our complete range offers you plenty of choices, so you can find a light to suit your application.


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