What is the Best Way to Commission a Helipad?

What is the Best Way to Commission a Helipad?

What is the Best Way to Commission a Helipad?

By:Avlite Systems | September 08, 2021

Constructing a heliport is a significant infrastructure project and is core to safe and urgent transportation. Building a helipad requires many considerations, including:

  • Safety
  • Capacity
  • Accessibility
  • Regulatory oversight

In this blog, we expand on our previous heliport article, “How to Select Your Heliport Lighting Solution“, and include the entire process of heliport commissioning. By understanding the best method, you will not only have the best lighting system for your heliport but gain insights into how heliport construction and projects have evolved.

What is required for your helipad?

The characteristics of each heliport are very dependent on your location and how you will be using your helipad. Every heliport is unique and needs to be designed with a consultant.

There are three main options for helipads, and its usage may dictate the type required.

  1. Surface-level (Terrestrial) Helipad

Surface-level heliports include all heliports located on ground level or a structure on the water’s surface. Surface level heliports can consist of a single or several helipads

  1. Elevated Helipads

Elevated Heliports are located above ground level (AGL) and consist of elevated helipads and helidecks. An elevated heliport is located on a raised structure on land. These are usually located on the top of commercial buildings, residential buildings and hospitals.

  1. Helidecks

A helideck is a heliport located on a fixed or floating offshore structure such as a ship or oil platform and is predominantly used by the oil and gas, and shipping industries. Helidecks can also be used in above ground level applications when an existing structure is required to be retrofitted with helicopter landing facilities.

We expand on the lighting characteristics in our on-demand webinar, How to Specify Your Ideal Heliport Solution.

Your consultant will also know the standards for your region. They will need to know many aspects of how you plan to use the heliport, including the type of helicopters being used.

Who is designing and building helipads?

Many consultants around the world specialise in the design, specification and delivery of helipads. We work with a range of partners, not only as an OEM equipment supplier but as a system manufacturer. We are an integral link in making sure your helipad works the way it is intended.

We also provide complete heliport, helipad, and helideck lighting solutions, from initial design to commissioning of heliport to the latest standards.

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