About Avlite Systems

About Avlite Systems

Avlite History

Avlite Systems is a subsidiary of Sealite Pty Ltd, an award-winning manufacturer of aids to navigation.

Avlite Systems, part of SPX Technologies (NYSE: SPXC) is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of aviation aids to navigation (AtoN) equipment including Airfield, Military, Heliport and Obstruction Lighting and Systems, including Monitoring and Control software.

Our company is a global manufacturer of products that guide aircraft safely into airports around the world. The Avlite team is dedicated to servicing the aviation industry through the efficient design of solutions that withstand the toughest environments.

SPX Technologies is a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineered solutions markets. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Technologies had approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenue in 2019 and over 4,500 employees in 17 countries.

Manufacturing Capabilities

As a subsidiary of Sealite Pty Ltd, Avlite Systems designs and manufactures solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.

The company operates purpose-built facilities and employs a highly trained team of engineers and production specialists in its operations. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Sealite has broad capabilities to meet the demands of new product design, manufacture, and program delivery for aviation clients globally.


  • Purpose-built manufacturing plant
  • World-leading research and development
  • In-house SMT electronics and robotic assembly lines
  • In-house rotational-moulding and injection moulding capabilities
  • In-house high-precision injection mould toolmaking
Manufacturing Capabilities

Product design

Product design is a core competency, and complete ownership of the product development cycle allows us to design and produce lighting equipment with higher standards of control and faster development times than many of our competitors.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Injection Moulding

We operate an injection moulding facility to produce high-quality polymer components onsite, including sophisticated optics for the marine industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Toolmaking for injection moulded components

Through a strategic acquisition in 2010, we now design and manufacture the high-precision moulds for all the injection moulded parts we make. This resource decreases our time to market, and provides our customers with a higher level of quality and service.

Manufacturing Capabilities

SMT electronics

The in-house surface mount assembly line is an automated system which is used for high speed and precision placement of electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCB). This allows us to control every aspect of the construction and testing of the purpose built PCBs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Robotic assembly and testing

Robotic automation is used extensively throughout the manufacturing process, including assembly, programming and testing.



At Avlite Systems we believe that our success can be enhanced by continually producing products which are advanced, affordable and of the highest quality, thereby delivering total satisfaction to our customers every time.

Our ongoing Quality Management System emphasizes our commitment to providing the highest quality goods and services to our customers. We have undertaken independent certification by SAI Global, Australia as complying with the strict requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as follows: “The registration covers the Quality Management System for the design, development and manufacture of LED Navigation Lanterns and aids to Navigation.”

Professional Associations

Avlite endeavours to conform with the Recommendations, Guidelines and documentation offered by international associations. As such, the company holds Industrial Membership of the following groups;

  • Professional Associations logo

    Australian Airports Association

    The Australian Airports Association (AAA) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of over 255 member aerodromes and airports Australia wide, from the local country council-owned and operated community service landing strip, to the major privatised international gateway airports.The Charter of the Australian Airports Association is to facilitate co-operation among all member airports and their many and varied partners in Australian aviation, whilst maintaining an air transport system that is safe, secure, environmentally responsible and efficient for the benefit of all Australians.

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    Helicopter Association International

    For more than 60 years, HAI has provided support and services to its members and to the international helicopter community. HAI aims to provide its members with services that directly benefit their operations, and to advance the international helicopter community by providing programs that enhance safety, encourage professionalism and economic viability while promoting the unique contributions vertical flight offers society.Since it was founded, HAI has served its membership and taken many actions on behalf of helicopter operators throughout the world. The organization has benefited the entire industry, to include manufacturers, suppliers, operators, pilots and mechanics. The associations initiatives have had a direct and positive impact on international helicopter activities.

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    Army Aviation Association of America Inc.

    The Army Aviation Association of America (Quad-A) was formed in 1957 by active U.S. Army senior aviation officers, and aims to create approved and meaningful interchange between government and industry bodies.Quad-A has created a forum for aviators in the diverse branches to exchange ideas and share experience.

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    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia

    AOPA Australia is Australia’s largest independent non-profit recreational aviation organisation. AOPA Australia is a member of the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA), who represent over 40,000 pilots globally.AOPA Australia has been a fellowship of flyers and the voice of recreational flying and general aviation in Australia for over 50 years.AOPA Australia is an active group represented by an annually elected Committee and President. AOPA Australia also employs a team of professional staff to provide national representation, membership services and administration support.