What are Solar Compatible Obstruction Assets?

What are Solar Compatible Obstruction Assets?

What are Solar Compatible Obstruction Assets?

By:Avlite Systems | November 23, 2021

There are plenty of Obstruction fixtures on the market, and there is a multitude of regulations that different areas around the world need to comply.

Every light prioritises different aspects, whether that be price, features or connectivity, depending on the market segment they are competing.

Soon we will be launching our new ICAO Obstruction fixtures. The new range will give you added features and more connection options, with further monitoring and control functions available through Star2M.

The key element that separates our new ICAO Obstruction range from competitors is the inbuilt technology to quickly and cost-effectively connect into a solar power supply.

Efficient fixtures with in-built technology for solar applications

A solar compatible obstruction asset must be designed with the power supply in mind. This means that it is not a mains powered fixture adapted for solar applications but a light designed for optimised power consumption with electronics built with the intelligence to handle the power input.

Our new harmonised ICAO obstruction line-up includes:

  • The new Low-Intensity Single AV-OL-LI.
  • The new Medium-Intensity AV-OL-MI.
  • The new Combined Medium-Intensity AV-OL-CMI.

Each light retains its best-in-class power consumption with plug and play solar integrated into your system.

Concurrent visual and infrared output

All lighting now features concurrent IR, allowing pilots to use night-vision goggles to see obstructions. There is a growing demand, both from customers and regulators, to include this feature set.

In our Low-Intensity AV-OL-LI, we have been able to add this by completely redesigning the printed circuit board (PCB). While our previous obstruction lights contained a single LED, the new ICAO fixtures utilise a multiple LED design to enable concurrent functionality.

This complete redesign on the AV-OL-LI means we can produce a light to ICAO Low-Intensity Type E for the first time, on top of our Type A and B compliance.

The new range has also provided the ideal time to introduce a new harmonised obstruction product structure, making it easier to understand and order the product you need.

More features and value

Our new ICAO Obstruction range includes predefined general-purpose input and outputs (I/O), which adds versatility for integrating the product into new and existing systems.

Additional features and options include:

  • IP68 rating
  • GPS synchronisation
  • Integrated flash control and diagnostics
  • Turn-key systems

ICAO Compliance

Our new obstruction lighting is compliant with the following regulations:

  • AV-OL-LI Low-Intensity Obstruction Light: ICAO Low-Intensity Type A, B and E.
  • AV-OL-MI Medium-Intensity Obstruction Light: ICAO Medium Intensity Type B or C.
  • AV-OL-CMI Combined Medium-Intensity Obstruction Light: ICAO Medium Intensity Type A, B and C.

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