How a complementary CAT I approach system secures your airport

How a complementary CAT I approach system secures your airport

How a complementary CAT I approach system secures your airport

By:Avlite Systems | June 25, 2020

By Wade Evans and Mason Sugars



Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.



Mason Sugars is the Product Marketing Coordinator for Aviation.

Airports can only run when it is safe to operate. Traditional lighting systems can fail due to various external factors, so having a contingency plan is vital.

Solar airfield lighting has a lot of inbuilt benefits. It is easily deployable in case of emergency or can be permanently installed next to traditional lighting systems. Solar lighting can run autonomously for extended periods depending on the location of your airport. The move to solar lighting is happening across the world, as the expense of building wired systems becomes too high.

Avlite understands that many airports have established systems in place. This means that taking a modern renewable approach has its challenges. But have you ever considered having a system to back up or complement your traditional runway lighting?

Our capability

We continue to provide the most diverse solar airfield range on the market. Our latest CAT I approach lighting systems are available in not only solar but fixed-wire configurations.

We have spent considerable time developing these products to complement your existing system.

Our complementary CAT I approach lighting system gives you choice and flexibility

Your airport always needs to be working. That’s why our complementary CAT I approach lighting systems are developed to be turned on instantly using a turnkey control solution. The control system can cater to your operational needs. Unlike other lighting manufacturers, you can use our entire CAT I approach systems for your airport and remain compliant.

All complimentary CAT I approach lighting systems can be run via solar or wired inputs with a wired or solar redundancy.

Covered for multiple system failures

We have a range of systems to protect you against failure, including:

  1. Universal Power Systems.
  2. Star2M – Remote asset management, monitoring, control and maintenance.
  3. AvMesh RF Control.
  4. Charge port – available in all portable solar fixtures.
  5. Manual override – available on all fixtures.
  6. Hardwired Genset integration.

All these options mean our lights never go out. And our solar runway lights require minimal maintenance, with battery replacement generally required every three to five years.

Our portable backup systems

We also provide portable systems to keep your airport running if the lights fail or when upgrade works are taking place.

Our High Mobility Airfield Lighting System (AV-HMALS) are convenient and fully transportable, designed for rapid and fixed deployment. Our systems support brief or long-term operations and are controlled by our AvMesh RF Control system or wired connection and can include a Pilot Activated Lighting Controller (AV-PALC).

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