How are Humanitarian Military Operations More Effective with Expeditionary Systems?

How are Humanitarian Military Operations More Effective with Expeditionary Systems?

How are Humanitarian Military Operations More Effective with Expeditionary Systems?

By:Avlite Systems | July 28, 2021

Increasing the effectiveness of aid is crucial for the success of a humanitarian mission. Rapid response and the right solution are the key factors when planning assistance in areas of the world in need.

Food and financial crisis, water scarcity and ongoing extreme poverty are among the key mission objectives.

Mobilizing and transporting appropriately skilled aid workers to the humanitarian zone is one of the top priorities in the delivery of aid. Setting up the mission and aiding people requires effective planning and the right solution.

There is a degree of volatility in the circumstances faced by militaries or aid organisations when setting up airfields. Having a system with the most level of adaptability is critical. The absence of power is one of the main challenges they face during deployment. Having a self-sufficient solution is key to providing access to an area that otherwise would not have the resources to maintain an airfield.

Expeditionary Systems AV-HMALS® – multiple application uses

At Avlite Systems, we have designed the AV-HMALS® solution for such complex aid projects. AV-HMALS® can operate via solar, AC with battery backup, or AC with battery backup and solar.

What deployment type is best?

Systems such as AV-HMALS® enable temporary or semi-permanent airfields in remote areas. By utilising solar or backup power options, systems can be deployed quickly in an emergency.

You can choose to transport in a High-Density system to the affected area and set it up on the ground with all the fixtures you need to make a safe CAT I landing.

Alternatively, you can have a Roadworthy system that can be brought to the designated landing area. These systems can be towed to the site and utilized across a wide range of environmental and terrain conditions.

AV-HMALS® allows for the commencement of operation in under an hour (dependent on your specific airfield configuration).

Configurable to the scale you need

Requirements for airfield systems do vary based on application. AV-HMALS® is fully customisable to your exacting specification and budget, with lighting and fully portable fixtures. The benefit of our solar-based systems is that they can be used anywhere, including difficult-to-access or challenging geographies with traditionally expensive installation requirements.

All products are available in visible and IR lighting modes, with a variety of accessory options available.

Focus on providing operational safety

Avlite has a proud tradition of assisting those in need, including providing lighting systems for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and major hospitals using our helipad lighting systems. Our portable systems have been available since the early 2000s.

Learn more about our AV-HMALS® and its capabilities here.

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