Why Increasing Lighting Performance Benefits Runway Safety

Why Increasing Lighting Performance Benefits Runway Safety

Why Increasing Lighting Performance Benefits Runway Safety

By:Avlite Systems | May 11, 2021


The dependable performance of your airfield runway lights is essential. They must work in all conditions to maintain the safety of your runway.

The light intensity is set by the regulations in your region. Improvement in the performance of the fixture is down to improving connectivity, efficiency and robustness.

Continuous improvement through engineering development is at Avlite’s core and has allowed us to cater to our customer needs. They always need efficiency and durability whilst connecting quickly and reliably, utilising our unique AvMesh® RF network.

Our best solar airfield fixture – the upgraded AV-426

We will soon be releasing our redeveloped solar aviation light, the dependable AV-426. It has undergone a complete engineering overhaul, making it our most configurable aviation light.

The new AV-426 has completely new light head internals to gain both improved RF performance and energy efficiency. The RF performance and energy usage are also improved. Monocrystalline solar panels support this with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) to enhance solar input into the battery for year-round sustainability.

Our tried and tested chassis includes a composite top and base for longevity and aids improved turnaround times and reliability. The AV-426 also has a battery life designed to exceed three years.

Available configurations and options include:

  • ICAO, CASA, FAA L-861 and FAA L-861E compliance
  • RF control
  • Infrared (IR) light output
  • GPS connectivity
  • Mounting accessories
  • External battery charge port
  • External on and off switch

The AV-426 will be available in the most LED configurations on the market, including:

  • Bi-directional Yellow and Red
  • Omni-directional Yellow
  • Bi-directional White and Yellow
  • Bi-directional White and Red
  • Omni-directional White
  • Uni-directional Approach, White
  • Sequenced Approach, White
  • Uni-directional Red
  • REIL – 90° Uni-directional, White
  • Bi-directional Red and Green
  • Omni-directional Red
  • Omni-directional Approach, White
  • Bi-directional Green and Yellow
  • Uni-directional Green
  • Omni-directional Green
  • Omni-directional Taxiway, Blue






Safety through durability

Comprehensive compliance testing has been conducted. The AV-426 conforms to the latest shock and vibe testing, IP67 rated and all photometrics for FAA, ICAO and CASA standards.

This is just the start of our upgrades for our airfield runway lighting. We look forward to sharing more airfield solution updates with you throughout the year.

Jens Ohle
Engineering Manager

Wade Evans
Product, Project and Solution Manager – Aviation and Digital

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