Your new certified and connected obstruction lighting

Your new certified and connected obstruction lighting

Your new certified and connected obstruction lighting

By:Avlite Systems | October 13, 2020
By Tara Stewart and Wade Evans

Tara Stewart is the President of Sealite and Avlite USA.



Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.



Ordering the correct obstruction lighting is not easy. You need to know the regulations of your region, the dimensions of your obstruction and must have reporting protocols in place to prove your lighting is working.

We are simplifying this process to make it easy to order the correct lighting for your region and obstruction. Avlite has been able to achieve this with an entirely new range of obstruction lights that are compliant to the latest regulations from the FAA and ICAO.

The new range will have added features and more connection options. Further monitoring and control functions will be available through our Star2M portal and make reporting simpler.

Welcome to your future – our new connected obstruction range.

We will soon release the new range of obstruction lighting, including:

  • The new Low Intensity single and dual AV-OL-LI.
  • The new Medium Intensity AV-OL-MI.
  • The new Combined Medium Intensity AV-OL-CMI.

The new range has also provided the ideal time to introduce a new harmonised obstruction product structure, making it easier to understand and order the product you need.

Every light is now available with remote monitoring via SATCOM or GSM when coupled with a controller or kit. Customers can now utilise this connectivity via our Star2M Web Portal. It provides the user with the ability to manage, monitor and control lights with access secure and reliable data. The portal can provide status reports to users when needed, simplifying the monitoring process.

Available in AC and DC versions*, each light retains its best in class power consumption. Solar systems are also available to provide power without the need for cabling or generators.

All lighting now features concurrent IR, allowing pilots using night-vision goggles to see obstructions.

Our new predefined general-purpose input and outputs (I/O) add versatility for the integration of the product into new and existing systems.

Additional features and options include:

  • IP68 rating
  • GPS synchronisation
  • Integrated flash control and diagnostics
  • Plug and play solar integration
  • Turn-key systems

Our new obstruction range to be launching shortly.

Compliant with more regulations than ever.

Our new obstruction lighting is now compliant with more regulations. These include:

  • AV-OL-LI Low Intensity light, available in FAA L-810, L-810(F) or ICAO Low Intensity Type A, B and E.
  • AV-OL-MI Medium Intensity light, available in FAA L-864 or ICAO Medium Intensity Type B or C.
  • AV-OL-CMI Combined Medium Intensity light, available in FAA L-864, L-865, L-866, L-885 or ICAO Medium Intensity Type A, B and C.

Join us for the next webinar as we launch the new obstruction range. Save your spot now.

*Not all variants will available with AC and DC at launch

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