What Are Solutions And How Do They Help Our Customers Succeed?

What Are Solutions And How Do They Help Our Customers Succeed?

What Are Solutions And How Do They Help Our Customers Succeed?

By:Avlite Systems | October 01, 2020
By Wade Evans and Mason Sugars


Wade Evans is the Product, Project and Solutions Manager for Aviation and Digital.

Mason Sugars is the Product Marketing Coordinator for Aviation.

Not all systems are created equally. There are many aspects of each project which need to be considered and catered for, including:

  • Varying locations
  • Electrical inputs
  • Environmental factors
  • Regional regulations
  • Specific output requirements

If there is complexity or installation-specific requirements, your project may need to become an Avlite Solution.

What are Avlite Solutions?

Avlite Solutions are value-added turn-key systems that enable our products to work in the way you want them to. We provide and design our Solutions to optimise our product range and meet your specific needs. They are developed to stringent quality standards and tested thoroughly before being dispatched.

What can our Avlite Solutions team provide you?

Our Avlite Solutions include an array of options, such as:

  • Universal Power Supplies (UPS) and Power Supply Units (PSU)
  • Solar supply
  • Multiple light control
  • Monitoring and control aligned with use case
  • Inbuilt Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC)
  • Customised products

What type of solutions do we provide?

We provide two types of value-added solutions: Standard Controllers and Kits and Custom Solutions.

Our Standard Controllers and Kits are designed for typical solutions installations. The benefits include reduced labour costs for the controller and uniform design. This allows consistency in each build and excellent reliability for any region. Our control range can be found in our Airfield, Heliport and Obstruction product pages.

Our Custom Solutions are designed for unique installations. The benefits include a custom controller designed to your exact specifications. Our Solution Engineers can problem solve any complex issues and simplifying your design. Our solutions include technical support during the installation process with documentation provided to make the installation easy.

How do we create custom solutions?

Our solutions team are given a set of requirements from the customer, with an initial component cost given so the Avlite Solutions team can provide the customer with an accurate quote. From this point, the engineers in our Solutions team design your value-added, turn-key solution. After going through the rigorous approval processes, our Electrical Design Technician proceeds to make it manufacturable. Our Product Technician then builds your solution, with the Avlite Solutions team testing it to make sure it functions as intended.

Want to know more?

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