Why You Should Invest In Solar For Portable Lighting

Why You Should Invest In Solar For Portable Lighting

Why You Should Invest In Solar For Portable Lighting

By:Avlite Systems | July 30, 2020

By Wade Evans and Mason Sugars

Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.

Mason Sugars is the Product Marketing Coordinator for Aviation.


Portable airfield lighting is vital for emergency airstrips and maintenance works. They are used in many different applications when a runway is needed infrequently or requiring upgrades.

There are two main types of portable light systems available on the market; battery-powered and integrated solar and battery-powered.

So why should you choose an integrated solar and battery-powered option for your portable airfield lighting system?

Year-round flexibility. The benefits of an integrated solar and battery-powered system.

Traditional battery-powered lights are rechargeable but are very simplistic in their operation. In portable lighting applications, you take the lights off the chargers and place them where they need to be used. Once you have finished using them, you need to go back out and collect them for recharging, or plug in cumbersome accessories to keep them charged in the field.

Battery-powered lights include standard user-replaceable batteries and low power, high output LEDs. They are also fast and easy to deploy with no programming required.

The integrated solar and battery lights also include these two features with the added ability of year-round low maintenance usage. For example, Avlite produces the AV-70 to compete against battery-powered temporary lighting. This light contains a battery as well as dual high-performance solar modules which are angled to maximise solar collection.

The AV-70 can be deployed for sustainable and continual usage, whereas a battery-powered only temporary light will last a maximum of six days. It is IP68 waterproof rated and has a UV stabilised chassis as standard for this reason.

Various applications and compliance.

Portable lights are generally very limited in their functionality; however, there is a significant benefit of an integrated solar and battery system. It can act as either a portable or permanent solution.

Compliance is also an issue with portable lights, as they are difficult to certify. Because of the ability to act as a fixed light, Avlite’s range of solar self-contained airfield lights are certified to the FAA or ICAO regulation.

Avlite uses the completely self-contained solar light to suit a range of applications including:

  • Taxiway Edge
  • Runway Edge
  • Runway Threshold/End
  • Simple Approach
  • Barricade
  • Obstruction

Extra options for greater adaptability.

Flexibility is critical in a light used for temporary applications. That is why Avlite’s range of self-contained solar airfield lights are available with IR LED’s and Radio Control (RF). RF uses our self-healing AvMeshTM Network to link lights and operate your system. All our self-contained solar lights are available with optional switch and charge ports for manual usage.

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Integrated solar and battery portable airfield lights best their counterparts in the areas of versatility, efficiency, and compliance. To choose our sustainable, year-round solar products, find out more from one of our Sales team.

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