Heliport Lighting: How dimmable floodlights improve safety

Heliport Lighting: How dimmable floodlights improve safety

Heliport Lighting: How dimmable floodlights improve safety

By:Avlite Systems | April 16, 2020

By Wade Evans



Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.



Floodlights need to meet a certain level of light uniformity to meet regulatory requirements. However, they can also give off excessive light output and produce glare in their aim to enhance surface visibility. Because of this, many pilots request them to be turned off when coming into land.

The addition of dimmability allows the lights to be set to the pilot’s preference either by default or dependant on the situation. This added level of control from the pilot permits safer landing conditions.

We have seen the need for a floodlight with inbuilt dimmability to aid the pilot’s preferred lighting requirements. Customers need floodlights with the highest level of inbuilt safety and adaptability.

Easier to install – the improved heliport floodlight

We will soon be releasing our updated heliport floodlight, the AV-HL-FL. Available in AC, DC and Solar versions, the Floodlight now can be dimmed in any version.

The intensity of the light is selectable via either a control system (AC and DC version) or the AvMeshTM Remote Control (Solar version). Our Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC) can also be included in your control system to adjust the intensity of all heliport lighting remotely.

The updated light includes a new control unit at the rear of the unit, allowing easier installation for daisy-chain wiring setups.

Other benefits include:

  • Optic hood for reduced glare to pilots
  • Low power consumption
  • Easily adjustable tilt angle to maximise helipad illumination
  • IP68 rated electronic enclosures

Designed for optimal performance

The updated Floodlight will be produced to the highest quality, requiring minimal maintenance for operation and reliable service.

Our upcoming floodlight will enhance aviation safety utilising our LED technology expertise and adding dimmability.

We believe technology improves navigation.

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