Obstruction Solution Kits: Defining ICAO and Removing Complexity

Obstruction Solution Kits: Defining ICAO and Removing Complexity

Obstruction Solution Kits: Defining ICAO and Removing Complexity

By:Avlite Systems | November 12, 2019

Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.

Obstruction Solution Kits – Defining ICAO and removing complexity

ICAO specifications for obstruction lighting can be ambiguous and difficult to interpret. They require bespoke solution work to be carried out depending on the region for installation. Solution kits make it easier to know what is required to light your obstruction type. Having an easy to buy, cost-efficient package makes this generally unwanted task easy. Recommendations can provide guidance but defining the solution for the customer is vital to giving the optimal result.

In the obstruction market, Avlite has seen the need for turn-key ICAO solutions. Customers require an easy to install kit that can help them overcome the confusion of ICAO recommendations. Customers need obstruction lighting to work as designed, but don’t necessarily know which components to order for their specific application.

Defining ICAO turn-key obstruction solution kits

Turn-key solutions have been developed by Avlite for ICAO – I1, I2 and I3. Unlike the FAA standard which give set requirements, ICAO guidelines give recommendations. Avlite has developed these kits to work for applications between certain common ranges.

Each kit will feature a central control unit and the necessary ICAO compliant light or lights. I2 and I3 kits also include all necessary junction boxes. Options will include solar input, cable kits, mounting accessories, mounting hardware and the ability to add in an additional light fixture

All Avlite obstruction lights feature GPS synchronisation, and each solution has best in class system power draw.

Reduced cost and lead times

ICAO customers will benefit from the reduced cost of each kit and a reduction in lead times as the solution is now standardised. Our goal is to cut the cost for the end-user and make the customer experience as easy as possible, from order to installation.

The biggest benefits from these turn-key solutions are for you, the customer. These benefits include:

  • Reduced labour costs for installation due to the all-inclusive kit.
  • Uniform design allows consistency in each build and outstanding reliability.
  • Kits designed and packaged to suit the ICAO recommendations.

Quality, safety and cutting-edge technology

Choosing Avlite obstruction lighting delivers maximum light intensity and uniformity for enhanced aviation safety. Avlite are leaders in LED technology, with dedicated research and development teams working with engineers to produce leading edge obstruction lights with almost maintenance-free operation and reliable service.

Watch out for the upcoming product launch of the Avlite I1, I2 and I3 Obstruction Lighting kits.

Customer Excellence. Always.

Wade Evans

Product and Project Manager – Aviation and Digital

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