Heliport Lighting Controllers: Seamless and Scalable Control Options

Heliport Lighting Controllers: Seamless and Scalable Control Options

Heliport Lighting Controllers: Seamless and Scalable Control Options

By:Avlite Systems | October 17, 2019

By Wade Evans

Wade Evans is the Product Manager for Aviation and Digital as well as the Project and Solutions Manager for Marine and Aviation.


When it comes to heliport systems, a specific solution is generally required for each individual project. Designing these solutions costs the end-user money and takes time because extensive consultation is needed to make the solution optimal. Standardised controllers make it easier to set up a heliport.

Avlite has seen the rise in common controller types ordered by customers who use similar products in each solution, with slightly different configurations. Our customers understand that they are required to meet specific regulations. They want a reliable helipad system that works as designed, but without the extended lead times and added costs.

Looking forward – Scalable heliport lighting controllers

Our new Heliport Lighting Controllers provide a flexible controller solution for standard heliport builds.

The T1 Helipad Controller is designed to work with up to 24 perimeter lights and four floodlights. This controller can also be connected to an illuminated wind direction indicator. Future controllers will be released soon to handle heliports with greater lighting requirements.

These new Heliport Lighting Controllers allow for a quick and easy purchase of a controller and all heliport lighting from a single source. You can pick the configuration that meets your needs.

All controllers will be available in two input power configurations; universal AC or DC. Optional enhanced control can include light dimming control, RF and Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC).

Benefits of standardised controllers over previous customised solutions

Why pick a standard controller over a custom solution?

The biggest benefits from these standardised controllers are for you, the customer. These benefits include:

  • Reduced labour costs for installation.
  • Uniform design allowing consistency in each build and outstanding reliability.
  • Controllers designed and packaged to suit any regulatory application.

Quality, safety and cutting-edge technology

Avlite heliport lighting and controllers delivers maximum light intensity, quality control and uniformity for enhanced aviation safety. Avlite are leaders in solution design, with dedicated solution engineers and research & development teams working to produce exceptional controllers with almost maintenance-free operation and reliable service.

Watch out for the upcoming product launch of the Heliport Lighting Solution T1 Controller.

Customer Excellence. Always.

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