September 2017

Introducing the Next Generation ICAO Type A Low Intensity Obstruction Light with Bluetooth® Connectivity for convenient servicing, via your phone or tablet.

Somerville, Australia – September, 2017 — Avlite Systems is pleased to introduce the new AV-OL-75, the next generation, low maintenance, solar powered light to comply with ICAO Type A LIOL requirements. The low-intensity obstruction light is specifically designed for the marking of telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and other structures up to 45 metres.

The AV-OL-75 is the smallest and lightest self-contained, solar powered ICAO compliant Type A LIOL obstruction light on the market today, and incorporates Bluetooth® connectivity and optional GSM monitoring. Designed and manufactured in-house, the innovative AV-OL-75 boasts dual high performance solar modules tilted for maximum sunlight capture, delivering up to 40% more solar collection than a horizontal solar module.

When the AV-OL-75 is paired with the new AvlitePro™mobile application, users can monitor the light using a phone or tablet. With the touch of a button, maintenance personnel can check the battery status of the light, solar panel charging rate and perform an operational test, even in daylight hours. Users can also verify the lantern’s performance from a specific location, via the exclusive in-built Avlite Solar Calculator.

Avlite Systems solar LED obstruction lighting products are compact, rugged and are fully self-contained. They offer rapid and easy installation due to the fact there are no external cables or power required. The obstruction light is virtually maintenance free, has integrated solar panels and user replaceable battery.

Avlite Systems has an extensive track record of providing turnkey obstruction lighting projects, our long-standing relationships within the aviation industry ensure that we design and deliver the most innovative products, services and solutions to our global customers. Avlite Systems is a name you can trust for quality, commitment and service excellence.

For further information on the new AV-OL-75, please visit the product information page by clicking HERE.

The AvlitePro™ application is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets which are Bluetooth® 4.0 enabled.

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