Introducing AV-HMALS® – The High Mobility Airfield Lighting System

Introducing AV-HMALS® – The High Mobility Airfield Lighting System

Introducing AV-HMALS® – The High Mobility Airfield Lighting System

Introducing AV-HMALS® – The High Mobility Airfield Lighting System

By:Avlite Systems | June 10, 2021

Tilton, New Hampshire, USA – 10 June, 2021 – Avlite has released our new expeditionary airfield lighting system, AV-HMALS®. It introduces a raft of new military-focused products and incorporates them into a customizable and configurable system.

AV-HMALS® (High Mobility Airfield Lighting System) is a portable system consisting of trailers housing our new military product range. Options for your AV-HMALS® are tailored to your specific needs and include:

AV-HMALS® is a complete solution for military, humanitarian and civil applications. It can be used anywhere, including areas that are difficult to access or expensive to install and operate. It can also be utilized as an auxiliary airfield lighting is necessary.

Avlite can tailor AV-HMALS® to specific customer needs. Customers specify the type and quantity of Avlite airfield lights and also the power and communications options. Products that can be used in your system include our new military-focused range include:

All products are available in visible and IR lighting modes and can operate via solar, AC with Battery Backup, or AC with Battery Backup and solar.

Tara Stewart, President of Avlite Systems USA and Head of the AV-HMALS® project, is proud to offer you a world-class system available now to order.

“AV-HMALS® delivers flexible and portable airfield lighting solutions for a range of markets and customers. A full range of military solutions is a natural expansion for Avlite as we remain committed to being the technology leader in temporary and portable airfield lighting applications,” said Stewart.

“Our team has devoted effort and drive to deliver an effective result, presenting our customers with outstanding and unique systems.”

“The AV-HMALS® design provides flexibility and transport with rapid deployment and integrated storage for all Avlite airfield lights. The system is suitable for runways of varying terrains and lengths, and its rugged construction and configurable components enable the AV-HMALS® to withstand extreme temperatures during both the daytime and at night.”

Avlite has an extensive track record of providing expeditionary lighting. We have provided the US Department of Defense and other government and humanitarian aid agencies with lighting and systems. Our first Portable Airfield Lighting Systems (PALS) were deployed in the early 2000s throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The PALS systems were designed for rapid deployment and easy transport by helicopter or aircraft.

Learn more about AV-HMALS® and our Military Lighting Solutions.