$23.5m for upgraded LED Expeditionary Airfield Lighting Systems from the US Air Force

$23.5m for upgraded LED Expeditionary Airfield Lighting Systems from the US Air Force

$23.5m for upgraded LED Expeditionary Airfield Lighting Systems from the US Air Force

$23.5m for upgraded LED Expeditionary Airfield Lighting Systems from the US Air Force

By:Avlite Systems | June 06, 2021

Tilton, New Hampshire, USA – 2 June 2021 — Avlite Systems has received contracts from the United States Air Force totaling $23.5m for upgraded LED Expeditionary Airfield Lighting Systems with CAT I capabilities.

Secured via a Government Services Administration (GSA) Blanket Purchase Agreement awarded in June 2020, the High Mobility Airfield Lighting Systems (HMALS) systems for the USAF I-EALS program will provide USAF units with airfield lighting systems that can be rapidly deployed to safely land aircraft in support of defense and humanitarian missions, around the world.

“I’m pleased to welcome this $23.5 million contract to Avlite, headquartered in Tilton, to advance the capabilities and readiness of the U.S. Air Force. This funding will update airfield lighting systems to ensure aircraft can land quickly and safely for their missions in support of defense and humanitarian causes around the world,” said Senator Shaheen. “I’m proud of New Hampshire’s leading role in supporting our Armed Forces, and I’ll continue to advocate for facilities that create cutting-edge technology and equipment to support our military.”

“Avlite is proud to deliver this unique capability to the Airmen of the United States Air Force. The HMALS systems represent a safer and more flexible upgrade to the long-serving, successful legacy EALS systems,” said Tara Stewart, President of Sealite USA LLC, Avlite’s parent company. “After a successful Operational Utility Evaluation (OUE), this award is an exciting step to fully upgrade this critical system capability across the service.”

Each system contains portable solar LED airfield lighting for a 10,000ft runway, including CAT I approaches and ground lighting. The system trailers are designed for flexible maneuvering and rapid deployment. Storage with integral charging of all lighting equipment is available.

Individual components of the HMALS includes Avlite’s Series 3 Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), edge and threshold lights, medium intensity runway lights (MIRL), taxiway lights and CAT I medium intensity approach lighting system (MALSR).

Also, short simplified expeditionary approach lighting system (with GPS synchronized flashing, tactical runway signs, battery boxes, and power line communication control for five intensity steps in both visible and IR modes.

Avlite has a rigorous track record of lighting expeditionary airfields for the U.S. Department of Defense. Also, with other government and humanitarian aid agencies worldwide.

Avlite’s first Portable Airfield Lighting System (PALS) was deployed in the early 2000s throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The PALS systems were designed for rapid deployment and easy transport by helicopter or C-130 aircraft.


About Avlite

Avlite manufactures world-class, LED aviation lighting systems from the Sealite USA facility in Tilton, New Hampshire. Avlite has a proven reputation for rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions. Designed for the defense, commercial and civil aviation markets.

With a history of producing the most reliable solar LED aviation lighting systems in the world, Avlite holds a program of record approval for US Army and US DOD combat solar airfield lighting systems. Sealite USA LLC, has a manufacturing and sales office in Tilton, New Hampshire USA.