US Army Air Operations Battalion Ensures Safe and Secure Operations with AV-HMALS® MOTS Airfield Lighting System

US Army Air Operations Battalion Ensures Safe and Secure Operations with AV-HMALS® MOTS Airfield Lighting System

US Army Air Operations Battalion Ensures Safe and Secure Operations with AV-HMALS® MOTS Airfield Lighting System

US Army Air Operations Battalion Ensures Safe and Secure Operations with AV-HMALS® MOTS Airfield Lighting System

By:Avlite Systems | June 07, 2022
Application: Mobile Tower System Military / Airfield
  • AV-AF-HMALS-MIL Trailers
  • AV-426 Aviation Lights
  • 0086-LZ Landing Zone Lights
  • AV-PALC Pilot Activated Lighting Controller
  • AV-SPA Solar Panels
  • AV-BBA Battery Box
  • Generators
  • Mounting Tiles
  • Cabling
Location: Undisclosed
Date: 2021


An Army National Guard Air Operations Battalion (AOB) was preparing for a deployment where they would be tasked with coordinating air traffic control (ATC) and airfield operations. They would operate their Mobile ATC Tower System (MOTS) in their assigned area of operations. However, the Battalion was missing a key component of the system – the Airfield Lighting System (ALS).


The AOB required a fully modern, mobile airfield lighting capability compatible with the AN/MSQ-135 MOTS. The unit would be overseeing nighttime flight operations, including covert operations that required IR capability for use with night vision goggles. The solution would need to light a 5,000-foot runway and provide a reliable power source for use in an austere area of operations.

The airfield that the AOB would be charged with operating did not have the infrastructure to support traditional, AC-powered airfield lighting. Battery-operated lights would be nearly impossible to sustain in a deployed theater. The AOB specified a hybrid airfield lighting solution.


Avlite Systems supplied the Air Operations Battalion with a commercial-off-the-shelf MOTS Airfield Lighting System, which primarily uses solar power. The system then utilizes cabling and a generator for AC backup power as needed.

The MOTS ALS contains enough portable runway and LZ lighting for a 5,000 ft. runway, including mounts, charging cables, solar panels, 0086-LZ lighting kits, and a control station. Each light offers overt (visible) and covert (IR/NVG) modes for secure operations and can easily be activated by Avlite’s RF handheld controller. This flexible and agile solution can be deployed and fully operational in less than 45 minutes.

All the lighting and accessories are housed in Avlite’s High Mobility Airfield Lighting System (AV-HMALS®) trailers, which are equipped with an integrated charging system. This enables the solar lights to be charged while in storage and resolves the depot level storage and maintenance challenges of the legacy MOTS AQN/MSQ-135 0086-Eagle system.


Avlite Systems fulfilled the unit’s requirement and delivered on time. The Air Operations Battalion received detailed training from Avlite personnel, which included hands-on training on the setup, operation, testing, and troubleshooting of the MOTS ALS.

AV-HMALS® is a portable, scalable, and customizable airfield lighting system. The ALS can be expanded for longer than 5,000 ft. runways as needed.

With AV-HMALS®’s highly expeditionary design combined with Avlite’s training, the Air Operations Battalion confidently deployed their AN/MSQ-135 MOTS-compatible Airfield Lighting System, ensuring safe and secure flying operations. Avlite continues to deliver the most reliable portable systems with modernized capabilities for militaries worldwide.

“Using Avlite’s MOTS-compatible Airfield Lighting System, the Battalion established a lights-out LZ for secure night operations. Avlite’s airfield lighting system enabled the unit to safely and successfully conduct their assigned mission during a challenging deployment.”

Laurie Forand
Business Development Manager
Avlite Systems


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