New Obstruction Lights Protect Taiwanese Skies

New Obstruction Lights Protect Taiwanese Skies

New Obstruction Lights Protect Taiwanese Skies

New Obstruction Lights Protect Taiwanese Skies

By:Avlite Systems | October 08, 2020
Application: Obstruction
  • AV-OL-LI FAA L810 Low-Intensity Obstruction Lights
  • AV-OL-MI FAA L864 Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
  • Mounting Accessories
Location: Ban Qiao District, Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 2020


The Ban Qiao District in Taipei, northern Taiwan is home to over half a million people. It has the third-highest population density in Taiwan, with over 24,000 people per km².
Development in the region has changed as the agriculture industry of the 1950s moved to manufacturing in the 1970s, with finance and commerce services entering in the 1990s.

Due to high population density, apartment buildings have been built rapidly in the region for decades. Refurbishments are now taking place to update the city.

Sunlux Ace Industries maintains the Ban Qiao Yuan Di Residential Apartment Building. The refurbishment of the luxury apartment building in the Ban Qiao district was completed in 2020.

Because the building consisted of 28 floors, it required an obstruction lighting upgrade.

The Challenge

The obstruction lighting needed to be incorporated into the side of the building. FAA certified lighting was a must. Taiwan follows the rules outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States of America.

The obstruction lighting solution had to be simple to fit into pre-existing wiring. The amount of light intrusion on the side of the building needed to be minimal so it did not disturb residents.

Avlite also needed to supply obstruction lighting that worked with the infrastructure already in place. The Avlite lights needed to be easy to install and run in synchronisation with minimal setup time.


Avlite Systems partner, Sunlux Ace Industries, was asked to light the refurbished apartment building with obstruction lighting to maintain compliance to FAA aviation regulations.

Avlite’s reputation for quality lighting systems and solutions made it the top choice for this project.

In total, eleven units were installed with ten AV-OL-LI FAA L810 Low-Intensity Obstruction lights. These were two tiers of four installed on the side of the building, with two mounted at the top edges.

This Avlite light fixture is a steady burning, and low-intensity LED obstruction light designed to comply with FAA requirements, with the latest light certified to the latest FAA AC 150/5345-43J requirements. LED obstruction lights offer an ultra-bright, energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution.

The AV-OL-LI obstruction light fixture is available in two configurations, universal DC (12–48VDC) or universal AC (110–240VAC). The advanced light optic uses a single LED for minimal power consumption. The corrosion-resistant, polycarbonate lens is specially designed for use with LEDs to maximise uniformity.

All of Avlite’s wired obstruction light fixtures incorporate internal diagnostic checking and an alarm contact for remote monitoring. The alarm relay is energised in regular operation and is released if there is an LED or power fault.

The unit is available with a ¾ inch thread type – making it simple to retrofit with existing installations. The obstruction light also has an adjustable operation mode setting to allow the user to toggle between dusk-till-dawn and 24-hour operation modes easily.

The apartment building was also fitted with one AV-OL-MI FAA L864 Medium Intensity Obstruction light at the highest point of the building. The Avlite Medium Intensity LED obstruction light is certified to the FAA L-864. LED obstruction lighting offer an ultra-bright, energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution.

The light fixture is also available in two configurations, universal DC or AC. The advanced light optic uses multiple LEDs for efficient operation. The corrosion-resistant, acrylic lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs to maximise light intensity and uniformity.


The Ban Qiao Yuan Di Residential Apartment Building is now well lit with obstruction lights, protecting the sky over Taiwan. This project was installed successfully on time with excellent results.

The residents are happy with the minimal intrusion from the lights and the owners of the building have peace of mind knowing quality fixtures were installed.

“The installation of the lights was simple. The well-known name of Avlite made selling the solution to this client straight forward, and the results are great. We always receive excellent support from the sales and engineering team at Avlite,” said Mike Lee, Import Manager for Sunlux Ace Industries. “We are always proud to partner with Avlite on a project.”

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