Solar Obstruction Lighting on Cable Car Towers Improves Commuters, Aeromedical Helicopter Safety

Solar Obstruction Lighting on Cable Car Towers Improves Commuters, Aeromedical Helicopter Safety

Solar Obstruction Lighting on Cable Car Towers Improves Commuters, Aeromedical Helicopter Safety

Solar Obstruction Lighting on Cable Car Towers Improves Commuters, Aeromedical Helicopter Safety

By:Avlite Systems | July 21, 2020
Application: Improve Safety for Commuters and Aeromedical Helicopters
  • Solar LED Low Intensity ICAO/FAA Obstruction Lights –
    (13x) AV-C310
Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Date: 2020

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The urban area of Guayaquil, Ecuador, boasts a growing population of over 3 million people. Commuting between the suburb of Durán to the city center took vehicles over the Guayas River via the National Unity Bridge, a one hour trip. However, any traffic disruption could lengthen the drive to 3 hours or more.

The Guayaquil government built a cable car, called Aerovía, to mitigate traffic congestion. The 154 suspended cable cars will run day and night, on 30m/98ft steel towers. When fully operational, traffic congestion will be significantly reduced with the new cable car transportation system.


The cable car’s towers are in the direct flight path of medical helicopters traveling to Guayaquil’s hospital, and close to the city’s main airport. Aerovía riders, medical helicopters, pilots and patients would be at risk if the towers were not illuminated with obstruction lighting.

Guayaquil’s municipal government knew aviation obstruction lighting was needed for the Aerovía towers to mitigate potential risk. They requested Avlite’s distributor, Security On Board, to provide the critically important aircraft warning lights to help ensure safety for all.


After successfully installing Avlite helipad lighting at the Guayaquil hospital, Security On Board was tasked by the Ecuadorian Civil Aviation Directorate to add low intensity obstruction lighting to the Aerovía towers. Security On Board worked with Avlite’s customer service team to identify the best lighting option for the 30m/98ft steel towers: Avlite’s AV-OL-C310 Solar ICAO Low Intensity Obstruction Lights (LIOL).

Avlite’s AV-OL-C310 is a steady burning, red, LED obstruction light, ideal for marking obstacles up to 45m/150ft above ground level (AGL). It complies with FAA and ICAO standards Type A and B, and is available in three sizes for varying regional solar profiles.

Remote monitoring and asset management is available with GSM and SATCOM options. Available asset management can be provided by Avlite’s innovative Star2M® service.

Star2M offers secure, cloud-based web and mobile control over all remote monitoring enabled Avlite obstruction lights. An external on/off switch and battery charge port are available, ideal for temporary applications or when the AV-OL-C310 is stored. The light is compliant to FAA AC150/5345-43H and ICAO Annex 4, Volume 1, Sixth Edition, July 2009.


Today, the Aerovía towers are steadily illuminated with Avlite’s AV-OL-310 aircraft warning lights. 40,000 people per day will safely commute between the urban/suburban areas in just 17 minutes. Commercial air traffic and helicopters with critical-need patients will benefit from enhanced aviation safety while en route to the Guyaquil hospital’s helipad. The Aerovía cable car transportation system is expected to be so successful in alleviating traffic congestion that another section is planned in the near future.


“Avlite’s Customer Service team excelled at getting us the right product on time. This important project was a milestone for the city of Guyaquil and the safety of riders and aircraft.”
— Santiago Ordóñez Ron & Susana Martinez, Security On Board

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