Solar Airfield Lighting Helps South American Nation Expand Critical Aeromedical Services

Solar Airfield Lighting Helps South American Nation Expand Critical Aeromedical Services

Solar Airfield Lighting Helps South American Nation Expand Critical Aeromedical Services

Solar Airfield Lighting Helps South American Nation Expand Critical Aeromedical Services

By:Avlite Systems | April 30, 2019
Application: Solar Airfield Lighting Helps South American Nation Expand Critical Aeromedical Services
Aplicación: La Iluminación Solar del Aeródromo Ayuda a la Nación Sudamericana a Expandir los Servicios Críticos Aeromédicos

AV-70 Taxiway Lighting, AV-426 Runway and Threshold Lighting


Location: Chile
Date: 2019

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Chile is a country that takes its reputation as being a world leader in emergency medicine seriously. The South American country is internationally recognized by the World Health Organization for its commitment to excellent geriatric and trauma care, and is also a recognized member of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM). However, the country struggled with geographical gaps in emergency care coverage (called Urgencia), even in the most urban areas of the country. Recognizing the positive outcome for its’ citizens when emergency medicine (EM) is accessible through aeromedical evacuations, Chile set out to build and expand airfields to allow for the transport of critically ill and injured residents.




Chile’s need for aeromedical service was a direct result of the government’s commitment to providing its citizens with urgent medical care. Airfield upgrades were necessary for expanded aeromedical service, with airfield lighting playing a critical role. Chile’s Ministry of Transport mandated the new airfield lighting be quick to install and easy set-up, operate and maintain.

The Ministry of Transport also required pilot activated lighting for the new and renovated airfields. Pilot activated lighting would allow around-the-clock operation at unmanned airfields or where air traffic control operations were not always available — a critical need for all users, including the aeromedical service providers, the civil aviation community and the Chilean Air Force.

Solar powered lighting was another important feature for the new and renovated airfields, since reliable AC power was not always available or accessible.


Caxtor, the in-country distributor for Avlite, developed complete solar airfield lighting solutions for 16 civil and military airfields, including several remote island airports. The supplied solutions included Avlite’s FAA and ICAO compliant AV-70 and AV-426 Solar LED Airfield Lights.

Avlite’s AV-70 LED Taxiway Lights are completely self contained and feature two, large solar panels for maximum solar collection. They are fast and easy to deploy, come with a variety of stake or pad installation options and are completely waterproof. The brilliant, single LED has a 100,000+ hour life, multiple intensity settings and more than 250 user adjustable flash characteristics.

The second type of airfield lights installed at the 16 locations were Avlite’s LED AV-426 Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Runway, Threshold and Approach Lights. The versatile AV-426 features 110+ hours of continues operation, four integrated and user-replaceable solar panels, and optional NVG mode (where illumination is invisible to the naked eye), making it an ideal airfield lighting solution for covert military operations. Avlite’s Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC) was an included option for all lighting systems.


With the installation of Avlite’s new LED solar airfield lighting, Chile has worked towards meeting the evacuation and transport needs of their acutely ill and injured population, expanding airfield access for the Air Force and supporting regional humanitarian assistance.

“It was an honor for Avlite and Caxtor to deliver a solar airfield lighting solution that met the critical needs of the Government of Chile.” — Jason Larrere, Avlite Systems Sales Manager/Americas

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