Helipad Lighting System Case Study

Helipad Lighting System Case Study

Helipad Lighting System Case Study

Helipad Lighting System Case Study

By:Avlite Systems | June 17, 2016
Application: Helipad lighting system for day and night operations
Location: East Midlands, UK
Site: Air Support Unit Base
Owners: East Midlands Police Force
Date: December 2010

Project Overview

Avlite’s helipad lighting system ensures superior lighting and control for day and night operations.

The East Midlands Police Force Air Support Unit required a radio-controlled helipad lighting system suitable for both day and night operations to enhance operational effectiveness and importantly, to increase flight safety.

The Unit provides aerial support over to three communities in the UK’s East Midlands region and strives to provide
the best possible aerial support to its Police colleagues and other Partner Agencies within the three counties and beyond.

Being the first police operation in the UK to use in- flight NVG technology under CAA and international aviation rules and regulations, the East Midlands Air Support Unit operates with a full crew using Night Vision Goggles enabling the pilot and the observers to see clearly in the dark.The installation of a helipad lighting system at the Unit’s base was the logical next step in their proactive approach to embrace new technologies to increase the operational safety and effectiveness of the Unit’s helicopter crews.

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  • Requires no mains power thus reduces carbon footprint
  • Very low cost of ownership and low maintenance
  • Clear marking of helipad site ensuring safety of pilot and aircraft
  • Helipad is clearly visible in low-light and night conditions
  • Substantial savings in running costs due to use of solar energy
  • Optional NVG mode – to support covert or night- time operations
  • AvMeshTM Network is self-realising and has redundancy
  • Suitable for emergency and or tactical airfield or helipad lighting
  • Completely portable enabling the system to be relocated easily and efficiently

Avlite’s UK distributor Systems Interface Ltd, worked closely with the customer to deliver a suitable solution that would complement their newly acquired NVG technology.The customer specifically required an illuminated helipad for day and night operations in both visible and infrared/
NVG configurations that clearly identified the helipad on approach or from above during hovering or in low visibility weather. Avlite’s AV425-RF radio controlled solar LED helipad lighting system with optional NVG mode, fulfilled their requirement.

The AV-425-RF system can be controlled from the ground, air traf c control tower, or aircraft cockpit, through the use of the handheld controller via the AvMeshTM network allowing all lights to transmit and receive commands regardless of a single point of failure, increasing the system’s reliability and providing fail-safe, self realising encrypted wireless communications.

Avlite Difference

All Avlite System Products are manufactured to exacting standards under strict quality control procedures. Avlite's commitment to reasearch and development, investing in modern equipment and advanced manufacturing procedures has made us an industry leader in solar aviation lighting. By choosing Avlite Systems you can rest assured you have chosen the very best.

Experienced & Trained Personnel

Avlite have world class application specialists in Aviation lighting products and solutions designed specifically for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations. This team includes leading sales support, quality control plus in-house engineers who design and develop products to FAA, ICAO and military standards.

Worldwide Distribution team

Avlite are represented worldwide by three regional offices and a network of valued distributors to offer support when needed.

Agile Manufacturing

Avlite manufacturing capabilities include in-house Surface Mount Technology electronics and robotic assembly lines, rotational and injection moulding. The advantages include strict quality control and an ability to customise products. This customisation includes graphics, operational controls and monitoring options delivered via a purpose-built manufacturing plant.

Product Innovation

Avlite’s world leading research and development team is continuously developing innovative new solutions to their customer’s real-world challenges. This innovation is a result of customer requirements to maximise efficiency and safety whilst minimising cost.

Precision construction

Avlite manufactures solutions to exacting standards and strict guidelines to ensure they perform reliably in the most remote and toughest environments. All from a manufacturer that is ISO9001:2008 certified.

Rapid Turnaround

Avlite’s in-house manufacturing capabilities offer an advantage to customers requiring solutions quickly. By completely owning the production cycle Avlite are able to meet fast delivery requirements.

What Our Client's Say

“It is a great benefit to our community to have this [Avlite’s helipad lighting system] installed and commissioned at CareFlight’s Toowoomba base. Avlite’s particular type of lighting lends itself to a lot of applications given that it’s easy to install, doesn’t require electricity as its solar powered and can be remotely controlled. It’s a fabulous technology, obviously a world leading technology and from my point of view, it’s great to see an Australian Manufacturing success story.“

-Cr Mike Williams

“For an aerodrome operator to provide equivalent night-use runway standards for the RFDS and other fixed-base users at around one-third of the cost of a traditional mains-powered runway and taxiway lighting system, there has to be greater recognised merit for this (solar-powered) alternative especially in a location like ours where it is sunny most days of the year.”

-Jenny Kox

“Our industry appreciates the on-going support of this Australian owned and operated company whose solar powered airfield and helipad lighting systems assist in the improvement of safety for both fixed and rotary wing aeromedical flight crews and passengers around the country.”

-Graeme Field

“As the busiest Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) based in the State [of Queensland], the benefits [of Avlite’s helipad lighting] are many. Not only does it [the system] enhance the safety of our operations, it also helps us to continue to improve our level of service delivery to the community and to our customers.“

-Ashley van de Velde

“These lights [AV-70s] have been a great asset to many outback communities that previously we were not able to access 24/7.”

-Alan Benn

“Just to let you know the new airport floodlight has now been installed for several weeks and the medical staff and Power and Water staff [who look after the airport] agree it has made things much easier and safer for night-time medivacs. Your assistance with enabling us to have this basic but important infrastructure is much appreciated.”

-Stephanie Fielder

“Since starting our distributorship with Avlite, we have gone from strength to strength with the great range of solar products and of course the fantastic support of the Avlite staff. It’s been a good year for us. May it continue.”

-Eddie Lacina

“Re: Avlite AV70 taxiway lights, are working really well. Thank you for your assistance in getting our ramp up and running.”

-Capt. US Air Force

“[In reference to more than 2,000 AV70 taxiway lights installed] Those Taxiway lights work great, we are not having any problems with those AV70’s. Thanks a lot.”


“The lights are installed and are operating beautifully.”

-Strathcona Airport

“[In reference to Avlite radio controlled obstruction lighting] They are really neat to watch come on, they come on instantly and are a great addition to our pilot training school. The lights are currently set on medium intensity as high intensity is very bright.”

-Airport Stafft

“We did install all of the lights. We even used a few red lights as obstruction markers on top of 68 meter power line towers. I finally found a high quality camera and took some photos. I will send them to you as soon as I can download them. We submitted some additional light orders to our contracting office, so you can expect to receive a bit solicitation from them soon. The lights are working great and we appreciate the support.”


“[In reference to a visit to the Avlite production facilities] On arrival at Avlite I was greeted by sales manager Sharon Bedson, and was treated like a VIP. I was given a tour of the production line and had a close look, and an in-depth explanation of all the components of the Avlite system. The staff were fantastic and very helpful. It was truly fascinating and I now have a good story to tell Wanarn community members on my return. I was also shown the vast range of solar system lights and other products that they make.
I have recommended Avlite solar lighting systems to many local communities and Avlite will be my first stop shop if the community needs anything regarding solar power in the future. Well done, and thank you Avlite.”

-Patricia Granger