Inset and Solar Heliport Helps UAE Fight COVID

Inset and Solar Heliport Helps UAE Fight COVID

Inset and Solar Heliport Helps UAE Fight COVID

Inset and Solar Heliport Helps UAE Fight COVID

By:Avlite Systems | December 09, 2020
Application: Heliport
  • AV-HLI2 Inset Heliport Lights
  • AV-HL-RF-SOL Solar Heliport Lights
  • AV-HL-FL-PV Floodlights
  • AV-IWI Solar Powered Illuminated Wind Cone Indicator
  • AV-OL-75 Solar Obstruction lights
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Date: 2020


Expo Centre Sharjah is the first and leading trade exhibition facility in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has been hosting international fairs and exhibitions since 1977. It is both a geographic and financial landmark for the Emirate of Sharjah and the country.

This exhibition centre has played a crucial role in placing Sharjah prominently as one of the top 10 business cities in the Gulf region. It offers 42,000 sq. m of indoor and outdoor exhibition space with parking slots for 1,600 vehicles.

The state-of-the-art upgrade to the Expo Centre Sharjah facility was completed in 2002. The updated world-class exhibition and meeting complex is a tribute to the growing importance of the UAE as the commercial hub of the Middle East.

The prime meetings destination for the region, it offers a combination of technical facilities and professional services across a broad spectrum of events

The Challenge

The project scope called for the following:

  • A customised heliport solution controller to work in conjunction with the heliport to cater to medevac emergencies.
  • A solar solution that would have low rollover risk in the TLOF area.
  • Self-contained solar lighting for the FATO area to avoid major rooftop infrastructure.
  • Self-contained solar flood lighting.
  • RF Control to activate lighting on approach.

In addition to the above, the system needed to include a wind cone. It also needed to be easy to install, developed in tandem with the helideck contractor and built into the existing rooftop.


Avlite, in conjunction with distributors and installers North West Marine and Aviation, provided a solar heliport system to Expo Centre Sharjah to meet their unique requirement set. The system was chosen as our breadth of products and solutions capabilities meant inset lighting could be paired with self-contained solar lights and RF control.

In total, eight AV-HLI2 LED Inset Lights were used to light the heliport. They were used as LED Inset Helipad Lights in the TLOF and powered by universal mains (AC).

The LED Inset Helipad lights are designed to be able to optimise light output using a compact and low-profile design. This was key to minimising the risk of rollover at Expo Centre Sharjah. The fully sealed optics and electronics of this light maximise resistance to liquid and dust intrusion and mechanical shocks, with built-in surge protection and Safe Extra Low Voltage compliance. Infra-Red mode is incorporated within the lights, allowing pilots to use Night Vision Goggles when landing on the helipad.

In addition, eight AV-HL-RF-SOL White solar helipad perimeter lights were installed for the FATO area. The solar-powered heliport light gives over 50 hours of continuous operation at ICAO Annex 14 TLOF light intensities. The heliport light comes ready for operation and is made from tough impact resistant polymers in aviation yellow. The solar module is integrated into the assembly and is mounted to collect sunlight. The solar array charges the 16Ah battery during daylight hours.

Four solar self-contained AV-HL-FL-PV Floodlights were installed to help light the ECS heliport. This recently updated light has a low profile and is housed in a weatherproof, powder-coated aluminium enclosure to withstand the harshest environments. The LED optic is specifically designed for helipad operations and distributes the light evenly across the wide helipad surface. The angle of tilt of the LED luminaire can be easily adjusted to focus the light on the helipad to maximise illumination. The optic hood further prevents potential glare to pilots upon approach.

The AV-IWI L-806 Solar Powered Illuminated Wind cone provides a visual indication of wind direction and velocity at a location on an airfield. It is equipped with LED lighting, and the nylon sock is treated for rot, mildew and is water repellent.

The solution provided came with RF (Radio Frequency) Control and is designed to form part of a larger helipad lighting system. Control is achieved via the remote Avlite Control Enclosure.


Expo Centre Sharjah is now able to welcome guests from around the globe via helicopter, further improving its reputation as the commercial hub of the Middle East.

Adding this additional capability has kept the Expo Centre Sharjah open where other exhibition centres around the globe have been left empty.

In April 2020, in efforts to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the Expo Centre Sharjah was converted into a field hospital with a capacity to treat up to 5,000 COVID-19 patients. It was chosen primarily because of the helipad infrastructure provided by Avlite and installed by North West Marine and Aviation.

“The combination of Avlite Solar and Inset helipad lights along with a customized RF made the solution made much easier for installation and operation.” Arun Karol, Sales Engineer, North West Marine and Aviation.

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