The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable service providing aeromedical emergency and primary health care services together with communication and education assistance to people who live, work and travel in regional and remote Australia.

The RFDS relies on donations to keep its aircraft fleet operational and to keep the service running.

In support of the RFDS, Avlite is donating twenty dollars (AUD$20) from the sale of each AV60 or AV70 model unit within Australia to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The AV60 and AV70 models are two of Avlite's most popular solar-powered products, and are available in a number of configurations to suit varying applications from taxiway edge lighting to general hazard and obstruction lights.

Customers are adopting the AV60 and AV70 for their years of zero-maintenance, cost-effective service.

For more information on the services provided by the RFDS, and ways to provide the organization with assistance please visit