Avlite Systems Release New AV-426 Series II

Avlite Systems Release New AV-426 Series II

Avlite Systems Release New AV-426 Series II

By:Avlite Systems | October 12, 2018

Somerville, Victoria, Australia October, 2018 – Avlite Systems is pleased to release the AV-426 Series II Radio Controlled Solar Runway or Approach Airfield Light. The new airfield light features next generation solar technology including MPPT (maximum power point tracking – extracting maximum available power from each solar panel), enhanced optics and a modernized composite fixture.

The AV-426 Series II is substantially more efficient with the introduction of new high-efficiency solar panels and active MPPT solar regulator for maximum power generation. In addition, the enhanced optics using the latest LED technology provide superior visibility whilst vastly reducing power consumption.

The increased efficiency, operating runtime and new design of the AV-426 Series II provides customers with a trusted airfield light with significant savings in power. Available in a new short chassis for easy installation and handling, both the AV-426 short and tall models have the combined technology improvements, as well as being constructed from next generation composite materials that are made from environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled at the end of its service life.

The AV-426 is designed for a range of solar aviation applications including permanent approach, runway edge, threshold, helipad and tactical airfield lighting. With the ability to be controlled anywhere in the airfield by a handheld radio controller or from the air traffic control tower, and requiring no trenching and underground cabling, the new class-leading AV-426 airfield light is ideal for airports world-wide.

All configurations are qualified by 3rd party test authorities to meeting FAA and ICAO international standards.

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AV-426 Radio Controlled Solar Aviation Light

AV-426 Series II Tall and Compact Versions