Avlite's new innovative LED approach lighting products offer customers significant cost savings through energy efficient LED optics and put Avlite at the forefront of the airfield lighting market.

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Solar Airfield Lighting Solution aids Regional Development
in Brazil

1 MAY 2017

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The new range of Approach Lighting Systems provide significant benefits to customers worldwide through the use of the latest LED technology, industry’s lowest power consumption and innovative design for easy installation with little to no maintenance. 

Low power consumption and low maintenance costs saves you time and money.

High powered LED optics with the sharpest transition for critically accurate approach.

Latest LED technology, no bulbs blown ever and no moving parts.

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Avlite Systems is expanding its offering of airfield lighting solutions with the introduction of new LED approach lighting systems (ALS).

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29 JUNE 2018


Complete Solar Airfield Lighting System Enhances Safety at Brazilian Island Airport

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Avlite’s new cost-efficient LED approach lighting products enhance the range of products in the Avlite portfolio and positions Avlite Systems as the trusted brand for innovative and reliable aviation lighting solutions worldwide.

The extremely efficient new approach lighting systems provide huge cost savings to customers worldwide, offering the industry’s lowest power consumption whilst ensuring the sharpest transition for the pilot to acquire and maintain the correct approach.


The Avlite LED PAPI is a Precision Approach Path Indicator that used patented LEDs as a light-source to provide the sharpest red-white transition definition to provide critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot.

Precision Approach 
Path Indicator

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Precision Approach Path Indicator

The Avlite LED Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System (MALSR) provides visual guidance to pilots during an instrument landing approach to align it with the centerline of the runway, height perception, roll guidance and horizontal references.

Medium Intensity Approach Lighting Systems

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The LED REIL/RTIL provide rapid and positive identification of the approach end of the runway to arriving pilots. The system consists of two synchronised unidirectional flashing lights that are installed on each corner of the runway-landing threshold, facing the approach area.

Runway End Identification Light / Runway Threshold Identification Light

Introducing our Complete Solar Approach Lighting Solutions

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View our Complete Solar Airfield Lighting Solutions brochure for more information on our range of products specifically designed for defence, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations.

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