Airfield Lighting Solutions

Airfield Lighting Solutions

Solutions for runways

Avlite Systems is a world-class Airport Lighting Systems manufacturer with a proven reputation for rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions design specifically for defence government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote and toughest environments.

Avlite can provide complete airfield lighting solutions that enhance aviation safety worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of airfield lighting products and accessories to assist pilots with visual guidance and safe navigation of obstacles. All of Avlite’s airfield lights use the latest LED technology as their light source, utilising lenses that are low-powered, high intensity LEDs designed specifically for superior optical performance, are cost efficient and the most reliable lights on the market.

With more than 25 years of proven experience and strategic partnerships Avlite is the fastest growing aviation lighting manufacturer in the industry and has established itself as the technology leader in the design and development of solar powered aviation lighting equipment.

We Build Engineered Solutions

Avlite can design, customise and integrate complete smart solutions to most airfield runways

Airfield Design

Airfield Design

Avlite can design an entire airfield runway solution, complete with required lighting configurations as per the relevant country standard.

Control & Monitoring

Control & Monitoring

Avlite has a range of activated control & monitoring options for airfield systems to suit site needs including Pilot Activated Lighting and GSM monitoring.

Runway Planner

Runway Planner

Avlite has an interactive runway planner to allow customisation by the client depending on the criteria for their job. These can be sent direct to Avlite for immediate consultation.

Avlite Solutions to common challenges

Solution for runways

Remote Locations

Remote Locations

Often with no on-site staffing, providing electrical infrastructure to remote locations can be difficult and cost-prohibitive.

Remote Locations

Off-grid, solar powered airfield lighting can operate autonomously dusk-to-dawn, or radio controlled by operators on the ground or even pilots on approach.



Traditional airfield lighting requires significant investment in infrastructure, from major civil works to power cabling and wired control.


Self-contained and solar powered, Avlite airport lighting products can be installed in a fraction of the time and effort of traditional wired products, with no trenching or cabling required.



Aging airport infrastructure, a reliance on mains power, and unforeseen environmental events and disasters can detrimentally affect the performance of traditional wired lighting systems.


Independent of the power grid, Avlite solar airport lights will operate reliably on-demand by a wireless network when you need them most.



Changing lighting plans and appropriate marking during periods of construction works can be labor-intensive, and traditional portable lights require constant battery replacement.


Avlite solar powered airport lights offer an industry-compliant portable solution that can be installed in minutes and operates maintenance free, recharging from the sun and automatically activating at night.

Avlite Difference

All Avlite System Products are manufactured to exacting standards under strict quality control procedures. Avlite’s commitment to research and development, investing in modern equipment and advanced manufacturing procedures has made us an industry leader in solar aviation lighting. By choosing Avlite Systems you can rest assured you have chosen the very best.

Experienced & Trained Personnel

Avlite have world class application specialists in Aviation lighting products and solutions designed specifically for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations. This team includes leading sales support, quality control plus in-house engineers who design and develop products to FAA, ICAO and military standards.

Worldwide Distribution team

Avlite are represented worldwide by three regional offices and a network of valued distributors to offer support when needed.

Agile Manufacturing

Avlite manufacturing capabilities include in-house Surface Mount Technology electronics and robotic assembly lines, rotational and injection moulding. The advantages include strict quality control and an ability to customise products. This customisation includes graphics, operational controls and monitoring options delivered via a purpose-built manufacturing plant.

Product Innovation

Avlite’s world leading research and development team is continuously developing innovative new solutions to their customer’s real-world challenges. This innovation is a result of customer requirements to maximise efficiency and safety whilst minimising cost.

Precision construction

Avlite manufactures solutions to exacting standards and strict guidelines to ensure they perform reliably in the most remote and toughest environments. All from a manufacturer that is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Rapid Turnarround

Avlite’s in-house manufacturing capabilities offer an advantage to customers requiring solutions quickly. By completely owning the production cycle Avlite are able to meet fast delivery requirements.

  • Avlite’s self-contained solar runway lighting is easy to install since no wiring or conduit trenching is necessary; total installation time and cost is considerably reduced.
  • The Avlite total airfield solution provides substantial cost savings, from initial purchase, through installation to long-term running.
  • The AV-426-RF System can be controlled from the ground, air traffic control tower, or aircraft cockpit, using the handheld controller via the AvMesh TM network. This allows all lights to transmit and receive commands regardless of a single point of failure, increasing the system’s reliability and providing fail-safe, self-realising encrypted wireless communications.


  • Avlite’s solar-powered lighting uses clean, pollution-free energy from the sun to power the lights offering eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.
  • When Avlite System’s airfield light’s are run using solar power there are zero carbon dioxide emissions!
  • Cost effective, energy efficient Airfield Lighting solution
  • Self-contained solar powered units for ease of installation
  • Solar powered options incur no additional power costs
  • Optional monitoring & control systems available

Avlite offers a range of airfield lighting solutions that comply with a range of standards and regulations including:

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is the national Aviation Authority of the United States.

Transport Canada is Canada’s civil aviation authority.

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is responsible for the safety of Civil Aviation in Australia.

Rural, Small or Private:

Simple Runway – Runway Edge Cone Markers w/ retroreflective marking for enhanced daytime use

Simple Runway — Runway Threshold Lighting & Edge Cone Markers w/ retroreflective marking for enhanced daytime use

Basic Runway — Runway Threshold & Edge Lighting for enhanced daytime and night-time use

Complete Runway — Runway, End Identifier, Threshold & Edge Lighting for enhanced daytime and night-time use

Check out our runway planner

Not sure which product or how many products you need. Go to our Interactive runway planner which will help you identify how many and which products you need as per your airfield length and different Compliance options.

Aviation Lighting Case Studies

Our Team has a proven track record of completing airport development projects on time and on budget. Below are same of our projects where we made a difference. Contact Us to know more.