18 October 2016

Avlite Meets the FAA Requirements for Solar L-810 Temporary Turbine Lighting

Avlite continues to produce leading-edge aviation lighting equipment, with the FAA compliant L-810 solar powered LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Light (LIOL). The low-intensity obstruction light is specifically designed for the marking of wind turbines during construction phase as required by the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) serves an important role in the mitigation of hazards to air navigation in the United States. The FAA recently addressed safety issues in relation to the construction of wind turbines, specifically the height at which a turbine became an obstruction, and ultimately an air navigation hazard during construction phase and when permanently installed. New photometric compliance guidelines for solar powered low intensity obstruction temporary lighting requirements were issued by the FAA, designed to provide universal functionality amongst manufacturers for certified temporary lighting requirements of wind turbines.

Avlite’s solar powered FAA L-810 low intensity obstruction lights are built to be the answer to the FAA AC70/7460/1L temporary lighting requirements. Avlite, a single source lighting supplier, offers the convenience and financial benefit of both the L-810 temporary and the L864 permanent lighting requirements using the same mounting plate for easy transition from temporary to permanent lighting. This provides an increased safety for erectors and climbers, offering significant safety advantages over companies that cannot satisfy the combined temporary-to-permanent lighting requirements.

The solar self-contained LED obstruction light with photometric compliance to FAA L-810 is available now, for further information, please visit the product page - FAA L-810 LIOL Solar Powered Obstruction Light


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