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9th June 2015

NEXT GENERATION PRODUCT UPDATE: Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (PALS)


Avlite Announces Next Generation Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (PALS)

Avlite’s Portable Airfield Lighting System is vital to Commerc­ial Airports, Military, Humanitarian Aid Operations and Crisis Manage­ment. Responding rapidly to incidents, disease or natural disasters are absolutely critical towards saving lives. 


Avlite Systems’ Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS) is a convenient, fully transportable, autonomous lighting system for easy, rapid deployment supporting temporary or long term operations for both civil and defence aviation: fixed and rotary operations. The trailer can be supplied to meet ICAO or FAA Standards.

Once deployed, the lighting system can be controlled via a 2.4GHz encrypted mesh network capable of being operated from the tower, ground, or approaching aircraft by a Pilot Activated Lighting Controller (PALC).


The Solar PALS trailer contains all lighting and ancillary equipment required to support temporary or sustained fixed and rotary operations. The standard configuration is suitable for an airfield with a 5000ft/1500m runway. Avlite offers completely customizable solutions for their customers, Avlite trailers can be designed in a range of configurations for any application.



  • All-in-one portable solar airfield lighting system

  • Heavy-duty trailer design for transportation and storage

  • In-trailer charging system for all lights when in storage

  • Complete wireless control of airfield lighting once deployed

  • Other trailer configurations available on request

  • Customisable lighting configurations available to suit various applications

  • Optional Infrared (IR) Mode, illumination invisible to 
    the naked eye to support enhanced vision and NVG operation

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