AvMesh® RF Communications


AvMesh® RF Communications

AvMesh® RF is a proprietary protocol developed by Avlite for enabled assets. It is a wireless communication platform which operates by broadcasting signals from the Avlite wireless controller to the lights in the system via an encrypted mesh network.

AvMesh® allows the lights to communicate with each other via the mesh network to determine whether they need to repeat commands and be ‘nodes’ or remain as ‘listen only lights’ to provide the adequate airfield coverage. The Avlite wireless remote controller broadcasts a command message to all lights within range. From here, the signal is actioned and resent by the nodes to the other lights within range until the signal has been sent to all of the lights throughout the entire mesh network. In the event your runway is located in a noisy location for the frequency, high gain Avlite repeaters may be used to enhance runway coverage.

The AvMesh® network has a self-healing feature, meaning that if a light within the mesh network is moved while the system is ON, the system will recalibrate over a number of hours or days.

To understand more about AvMesh®, read more in the Downloads section.


  • Real-time communication with whole system connection
  • Encrypted security and connection

Remotely Control

  • Operational mode
  • Intensity
  • Light characteristics
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