Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System

Airfield Lighting

Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System

Avlite Systems’ Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS) is a convenient, fully transportable, autonomous lighting system for easy, rapid deployment supporting temporary or long term operations for both civil and defence airfields.
Once deployed, the lighting system can be controlled via a 2.4GHz encrypted mesh network capable of being operated from the tower, ground, or approaching aircraft by a Pilot Activated Lighting Controller (PALC).

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Solar-powered RF controlled airfield lights

The Solar PALS trailer contains all airfield lighting and ancillary equipment required to support temporary or sustained operations.The standard configuration is suitable for a 5000ft/1500m runway and includes

  • 52 x RF Controlled Runway Edge Lights (AV425-RF)
  • 12 x RF Controlled Threshold Lights (AV425-RF)
  • 4 x RF Controlled Runway End Identifier Lights (AV425-RF)
  • 24 x RF Controlled Taxiway Edge Lights (AV-70-RF)
  • Pilot activated lighting controller (PALC)
  • Handheld controller(s)
  • Mounting accessories

A range of options are available such as helipad and obstruction lighting, windsock assemblies or additional fixtures for extended runways.

  • All-in-one portable solar airfield lighting system
  • Heavy-duty trailer design for transportation and storage
  • In-trailer charging system for all lights when in storage
  • Complete wireless control of airfield lighting once deployed
  • Customisable lighting configurations available to suit various applications
  • Optional Infrared (IR) Mode, illumination invisible to the naked eye to support enhanced vision and NVG operation
  • Emergency airfield lighting
  • Stand-by system in event of power failure
  • Military
  • Humanitarian aid / medivac
  • Resources

  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 14 emergency lighting photometrics
  • FAA VFR & IFR Non Precision Medium Intensity Runway & Taxiway Lighting (MIRLs) photometrics