GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring & Alarm System


GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring & Alarm System

A selection of Avlite lights are available with GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring. This is a cost effective option giving operators remote control over flash code and intensity settings as well as other features for GSM-enabled lights. The system can also be configured to send out warning SMS text messages to designated cell-phone numbers.

  • Monitor light status using any cell-phone or Avlite’s secure website user-portal login
  • Reports pre-programmed alarm conditions to designated cell-phone numbers and email
  • Remote control of light settings
  • Light responds only to authorised users
  • Internally integrated system available with a range of Avlite lights to maintain IP68 waterproof rating
  • Access lantern diagnostics remotely – anytime, anywhere via SMS text message!
  • Flexibility of user-setup
  • Web server setup enables ease of access to lantern diagnostics and historical data via the web
  • Trend analysis of historical data enables proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Low cost monitoring

GSM Cell-Phone monitoring is currently available on the following Avlite obstruction light fixtures:


ICAO LIOL Type A/B – Dual (DC)

ICAO LIOL Type B (SOLAR Type 1 & 2)

FAA L-810 Dual

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