FAA A-1 Obstruction Kit Solution

Obstruction Lighting

FAA A-1 Obstruction Kit Solution

The Avlite FAA A-1 Obstruction Lighting kit is a full turnkey solution for A-1 defined structures between 150 and 350 feet. Consisting of 1 x L-864 Medium Intensity obstruction light, 3 x L-810(F) obstruction lights, all necessary junction boxes and a central controller. The A-1 obstruction solution is available in two input power configurations, universal AC (85-264VAC) or 24V DC (solar compatible).

  • 1 x L-864 Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
  • 3 x L-810(F) obstruction lights
  • Centralized controller
  • Designed for noise immunity
  • Photocell override for testing & maintenance purposes
  • AC (85-264VAC)
  • DC (24VDC) – solar compatible
  • Add on solar system sized to your region
  • A-1 tower configurations
  • FAA AC 70/7460-1L

  • FAA AC150/5345-43H

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