FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution

Obstruction Lighting

FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution
FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution

FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution

The Avlite FAA A-0 Obstruction Lighting kit is a full turnkey solution for A-0 defined structures up to 150 feet. Compromising of a dual L-810 obstruction light with integral photocell, all necessary junction boxes and an Intelligent Control and Monitoring Unit. The Control and Monitoring Unit automatically monitors the obstruction lighting and allows for both local and remote display of information and alarms. The kit is FAA certified and designed as a turnkey package for ease of installation, maintenance and monitoring.

  • LED Optic
  • Small form factor, minimal wind loading
  • 3/4 inch pipe thread mount
  • FAA EB 98 Compliant
  • LED technology
  • Alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Combined visual/IR for pilots
  • GSM monitoring
  • Low Intensity Obstruction Light for marking top of obstacles that do not exceed 150 feet (46 metres) in height

  • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67D
  • EB 98, EB 67D, AC 70/7460-1L
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