FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution AV-OL-KT-A0

Obstruction Lighting

FAA A-0 Obstruction Kit Solution AV-OL-KT-A0

The Avlite FAA A-0 Obstruction Lighting Kit is a full turnkey solution for A-0 defined structures up to 150 feet. The kit consists of a L-810 Dual Obstruction Light and a central control. The A-0 Obstruction Kit is available in universal AC and DC input power configurations.

Utilising a dual L-810 light assembly and central Control Unit, the kit is designed for ease of installation and maintenance, and meets the requirements of FAA AC 150/5345-43.

The A-0 Obstruction Kit monitoring capabilities include dry contacts for interface with owner furnished monitoring equipment or GSM or SATCOM monitoring that reports to a user-accessible portal, Star2M®.

The complete system is designed to be immune to high voltage EMI (electromagnetic emissions), is waterproof rated to a minimum of IP65, and capable of continuous operation between temps of -40°F and 131°F (-40°C and +55°C).

  • External and remote monitoring capabilities via GSM or SATCOM
  • Designed for optimised cabling, mounting and installation
  • Add on standalone solar system sized to region
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Cable Kit for 150’ structure
  • Star2M remote monitoring integration via GSM or SATCOM
  • A-0 tower configurations for structures up to 150 feet AGL
  • FAA L-810 Low Intensity Obstruction Light, FAA AC NO: 150/5345-43G
  • DGAC L-810, Low Intensity Obstruction Light
  • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67D
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