Chris Procter

Chris Procter

Chris Procter is the Chief Executive Officer for Sealite. Chris became CEO in 2010 after successfully leading the company sales force from 2003 to 2010, driving the company through a strong and steady period of growth. Chris has also effectively led the acquisition and integration of Sealite USA in 2010 and of Sealite UK in 2012 (formally Pelangi International).

Chris also holds the position of Vice President – Industrial Members Committee for AIALA.

Under Chris’ guidance and product knowledge, Sealite continues to evolve. His influence and vision are a key component to the life of Sealite. His dedication and entrepreneurial spirit are a vital component to Sealite.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Master of Marketing from the Monash University. Chris is also a Member of Australia Institute of Company Directors.

In his spare time, Chris is a dedicated father and avid sportsman.