Avlite Systems Enhances Their Heliport Solution

Avlite Systems Enhances Their Heliport Solution

Avlite Systems Enhances Their Heliport Solution

By:Avlite Systems | April 19, 2016

Somerville, Victoria, Australia – 18 April 2016 — Avlite Systems today introduced the all new LED inset heliport light, this revolutionary new LED omnidirectional inset lighting fixture light suits FATO (final-approach take-off), TLOF (touch-down lift-off), flight path alignment and aiming point lighting applications.

The inset light fully meets the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Annex 14 – Volume II. Heliports 2013 specifications and the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) Engineering Brief 87.

The physical projection of the inset light above ground level does not exceed 10 mm, which, together with a smooth low profile outer surface, prevents any damage to the helicopter or any other vehicle tires. The advanced LED optics ensures optimum light output even in the worst weather conditions. The inset light can be mounted in either 5-inch shallow base can or 8-inch shallow base-can using an adapter ring.

“We’re excited about the release of the new LED omnidirectional heliport lighting product, it now completes Avlite’s comprehensive heliport lighting product portfolio,” said Wade Evans, Aviation Systems Engineer, Avlite Systems. “With the release of the new lighting product, Avlite’s vast project experience and consultative approach, we’re working extensively with owner and operators of heliports focusing on aviation safety, to upgrade their existing heliports – improving overall helicopter operations and efficiencies during night flight operations.”

Avlite’s LED Omnidirectional Inset heliport light is available in Solar, universal AC or DC power configurations. The inset light is available in either green or white with optional IR (infrared). The IR component is continuously on or switchable when integrated with an Avlite Lighting Control and Monitoring System (LCMS).

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