What are AV-HMALS® Expeditionary Lighting Systems?

What are AV-HMALS® Expeditionary Lighting Systems?

What are AV-HMALS® Expeditionary Lighting Systems?

By:Avlite Systems | June 17, 2021

New to the market, the AV-HMALS® is the most powerful expeditionary lighting system available. It is a complete line of products integrated into a system. But what is it? And where can it be used? And how can you configure it?

This blog will look at what AV-HMALS® is, what applications it covers, and give you some use case examples to gain further context of the power that AV-HMALS®, unveiling its full potential.

What is AV-HMALS®?

AV-HMALS® is a portable system designed for deployment on runways with varying terrains and lengths. Its rugged construction and configurable components enable it to withstand extreme temperatures.

HMALS is the acronym for High Mobility Airfield Lighting Systems. AV-HMALS® was chosen as it says what it does, provides an airfield lighting system that is portable and easy to move around.

The High Mobility section of the name proves that this system is more than a trailer with some lights with inbuilt charging, growing from our previous portable system. Trailers are configurable in two formats, Roadworthy and High-Density.

  • Roadworthy trailers are designed for general-purpose military and civilian use and are ideal for basic transport and storage.
  • High-Density trailers are designed to be transported by cargo ship, plane, or train between deployment locations and used at the airfield for lighting storage and deployment.

Airfield Lighting has been developed using our extensive knowledge and experience, using our already rugged base designs. Each product has been designed to withstand your transport needs and has undergone rigorous testing procedures.

The airfield lighting and accessory options include:

  • Runway/Edge Lights
  • Threshold/End Lights
  • Approach Lighting (CAT I):
    • Medium Intensity Airfield Lighting System with Runway End Identifier Lights (MALSR) for Category I approaches
    • Short Simplified Expeditionary Airfield Lighting System (SSEALS) for expeditionary airfield solutions
    • Short Approach Lighting System (SALS) when a minimal lighting footprint is desirable
  • Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI)
  • Obstruction Lights
  • Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL)
  • Distance Remaining Markers (DRM) and Hold Signs
  • Sign Lights
  • Wind Cones
  • Taxiway Lights/Reflectors
  • Cable Protectors

Uniting the two elements explained above is the Systems component. You can have the High Mobility and Airfield Lighting, but to get these two individual aspects together isn’t enough. That’s why a System is created to your specifications to give users the exact power, control, and optionality required.

Your system can come with one of the following combinations of system power and control options adding further flexibility when it comes to system configurations:

  • Solar
  • AC/Battery Backup
  • AC/Battery Backup with Solar

Avlite also offers Power Line Communications (PLC) for wired system control and Radio Frequency (RF) for wireless system control or both PLC and RF.

The AV-HMALS® can also run in either Visible or IR mode to round out the full complement of features and options.

Where AV-HMALS® can be used, and who will use it?

AV-HMALS® can be used anywhere. AV-HMALS® is easy-to-install and scalable, so it is dependent on your application and your budget.

The system was designed with the military as our primary target market. That means it needs to be ruggedized so it can be used in areas that are difficult to access or expensive to install and operate standard fixtures.

AV-HMALS® was built to the highest standards, meaning that it can also be used in humanitarian and civil applications. As each system is customizable, you can add and subtract what you need specific to your application.

AV-HMALS® can also be utilized as auxiliary airfield lighting as necessary.

What are the AV-HMALS® applications?

AV-HMALS® is ideal for rapid deployment. It offers the performance of permanent lighting in a portable and rugged package.

It provides guaranteed operational sustainability by utilizing multiple power sources and redundant communication mechanisms.

Rapid deployment in AV-HMALS® is best for military uses due to its low maintenance and durable design.

AV-HMALS® is also designed for CAT I sustained deployment for both local and regional military installations. Your system can be specified with MILSPEC fixtures and equipment, including Avlite’s LED PAPI, medium intensity runway lights (MIRL), taxiway lights and medium intensity approach with lighting synchronized flash capabilities.

The sustained system can be used as a primary form of lighting or a redundant backup to existing lighting systems.

Transport and storage options are also available for AV-HMALS® to keep lighting safe and secure, where ever it ends up. The trailers are designed to an exacting specification to keep all your equipment safe.

Some use-case examples of AV-HMALS®

  • A use case is a military that quickly sets up an airfield for a tactical operation. Using our High-Density trailers, specified to meet the aircraft’s landing demands, the system is dropped into place. A small team can set up a solar system runway in two hours, including positioning and setting up RF. Military planes can land and take off, and the system can be removed quicker than set up.
  • A use case is a military that needs to set up a base for an extended time. Using our High-Density trailers, specified to meet the aircraft’s landing demands, the system is dropped into place. A team then sets up the system with AC and Battery Backup with Solar on a defined runway. The system is controlled via PLC and RF with a tablet controlling the system, with pilot activated lighting controls available as a precaution if the sustained deployment is unattended.
  • A use case is a military that needs to use an airfield for training or backup purposes quickly. Using our Roadworthy trailers, specified to meet the aircraft’s landing demands, the system is deployed rapidly. A team sets up the AC and Battery Backup runway as the geographical conditions mean a solar system is not viable. Military operations then continue until the pack up of the system is scheduled.
  • A use case is a civilian airport that needs a backup landing system. Using our Roadworthy trailers, specified to meet the aircraft’s landing demands, the system is quickly deployed because an outage occurs. A small team sets up the solar system runway, which has been sitting on charge, in under two hours, including positioning and setting up RF. Commercial operations then continue until the existing system is restored.

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