Avlite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

Avlite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

Avlite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

By:Avlite Systems | December 20, 2019

Chris Procter is the Chief Executive Officer of Avlite Systems.

2019 has been another significant year for Avlite Systems.

During the year, much of our focus has been on the design and release of standardised integrated solutions to make the process of delivering aviation systems faster and more streamlined. These included our ICAO and FAA obstruction lighting kits and heliport lighting solutions. The kits and solutions can be integrated into building management systems or other communication platforms, allowing ease of installation and use.

The year has also seen the continued integration of the Laser Guidance range of products into the Avlite range. Successful installations of PAPI’s and MALSR systems in many parts of the world have been complemented by our other airport lighting products. The reductions in operating power and the transition to LED in these sophisticated systems is bringing solar as a power supply to the mainstream. Avlite is now the genuine industry leader for Solar Airfields.

Looking forward to 2020, early in the New Year, we will be releasing our FAA-certified third-generation LED PAPI. Manufactured at our location in Tilton New Hampshire, the product is one of only two FAA-certified PAPI’s available in the market.

Our focus will also be on connectivity as our products take their place in the Internet of Things (IoT) and leverage the new Star2M platform for remote monitoring, control and asset management. Our third business unit, Star2M, is established as the cloud-based telecommunications provider for the monitoring and asset management of our marine and aviation products. Our aviation product range connects into this platform during 2020, and customers will begin to experience truly global remote management of their assets.

Thank you for your continued support during the past year, and we look forward to 2020. We will build towards our vision to be the global leader of technically advanced and connected navigational aids through our people, process and commitment to quality.

We believe technology improves navigation.

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