Solar Obstruction Lighting: The New Connected Solution

Solar Obstruction Lighting: The New Connected Solution

Solar Obstruction Lighting: The New Connected Solution

By:Avlite Systems | December 04, 2019

Aviation authorities require you to install obstruction lights on large structures. Due to reporting requirements, inbuilt connectivity in solar lighting is desirable to simplify the process of compliance. Adding this additional functionality to self-contained solar lights allows them to be used where fixed lighting is prohibitive or the application is temporary.

Avlite’s updated self-contained solar obstruction light will be compatible with our new cloud-based asset management, monitoring and control platform. Our new straightforward range will be simple to connect, order and install.

The simplified and connected self-contained solar light

We will soon be introducing the new AV-OL-310 self-contained solar light. You can choose either FAA L-810 or ICAO Type A and B specification in three chassis heights; Compact, Standard or Extended. The AV-OL-310 supersedes the AV-C310, AV-C410 and AV-C415 lights. It is designed to mark obstacles up to 45 metres above the ground.

The new chassis is waterproof to IP68 with new composite top and base, aiding longevity. We have also improved turnaround times and reliability by using a standardised chassis design.

The AV-OL-310 uses monocrystalline solar panels with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) to optimise solar input into the battery for year-round sustainability. The AV-OL-310 range has replaceable field components and a battery life designed to exceed three years.

Available configurations and options include:

  • Remote Monitoring – SATCOM or GSM.
  • Cloud-based asset management, monitoring and control software coming soon.
  • Mounting accessories.
  • SolarBoosterTM.
  • External battery charge port.
  • External on and off switch.

Our new AV-OL-310 range will be launched shortly.

Providing quality, safety and cutting-edge technology

Our dedicated research and development teams work with our engineers to produce obstruction lights with minimal maintenance required for operation and reliable service.

Avlite’s obstruction lighting range provides maximum light uniformity for enhanced aviation safety using LED technology.

We believe technology improves navigation.

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