ICAO Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Type B or Type C

This Avlite light fixture is a flashing, medium intensity LED obstruction light designed to comply with ICAO MIOL Type B or Type C requirements. The model can be used for marking obstacles from 45 metres above ground, such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and other tall structures. 

Offering an ultra-bright, energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution, Avlite's MIOL Type B or Type C sets the benchmark with application flexibility - available in universal AC, DC and solar configurations which means marking obstacles in remote locations has never been easier. 


  • Available in universal AC (110-240VAC) and DC (12-48VDC)
  • Ultra lightweight compact design at 5.5Kg and only 230mm in diameter
  • On-board diagnostics trigger an alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Integrated Light Sensor for day/night operation
  • Internal Flash Control


  •     Solar powered configurations
  •     On-board GPS receiver for synchronisation
  •     GSM monitoring to enable operators to remotely monitor the lighting status
  •     RS422/485 communication ports for hardwired synchronisation or advanced monitoring