Solar Power System for FAA L-810 Single or Dual Obstruction Light

The FAA L-810 single or dual obstruction light fixture can be powered by Avlite's solar-power system suitable for mounting onto perimeter fencing or other obstacles that could pose a threat to aircraft at airports and heliports. This Avlite light fixture is a steady burning, low intensity obstruction light certified to FAA L-810 requirements. 



  • Angle of the solar module can be adjusted to maximise solar collection
  • User-replaceable battery in weatherproof housing
  • Alarm contact for enhanced monitoring
  • Light sensor for day/night operation
  • LED technology reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Easy to service 


  • Power supplies available in a variety of sizes starting at 20Watts
  • Combined visual/IR for pilots using NVG
  • RS422/485 communications port for monitoring
  • Custom built systems are also available 

Contact an Avlite Systems representative for Solar Power System sizing for your region.