Solar Powered  FAA L-810 & FAA L-810(F) Low Intensity Obstruction Light 

AV-C310-L810, AV-C410-L810 & AV-C415-L810. 

Avlite’s Solar powered photometrically compliant FAA L-810 Low Intensity Obstruction Light is a robust, completely self-contained solar powered LED light. The solar array charges an internal battery during daylight hours, and at dusk the light will automatically begin operation. 



  • Integrated solar/battery system
  • Field replaceable components
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Available in three power supply sizes to suit solar profiles for most locations
  • Optional GSM monitoring
  • Optional GPS Synchronisation


  • IR Controller
  • GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring
  • GPS Synchronisation
  • IR LED 
  • External ON/OFF Switch
  • External Battery Charging Port
  • Solar Booster™

Contact an Avlite Systems representative for Solar Power System sizing for your region.