LCMS Helipad Lighting Control & Monitoring System

The Avlite Lighting Control and Monitoring System (LCMS) uses the latest PLC technology to seamlessly blend manual and remote control functionality into a compact, intuitive and user friendly package. Each LCMS system is designed and built to meet the specific requirements for the helipad or helideck solution and can be easily interfaced to any external or overarching control and monitoring system.


  • Modular and Scalable 
  • Tailored to each heliport system 
  • AC, DC or Solar variants available 
  • Standard & custom systems available 
  • In built over-current protection 
  • In built hazardous voltage protection with lock-out, tag-out capability (AC Systems) 
  • Compatible with a wide range of external control and monitoring systems 
  • Environmentally sealed enclosure 
  • Custom systems can be designed to meet customer specific requirements and processes 
  • Highly automated 
  • Optional touch screen panel mounted HMI