2 December 2016

Avlite Receives DGAC Certification to Sell Obstruction Lights into Mexico

Avlite Systems has received certification from Mexico’s governing authority to sell obstruction lights in Mexico.

Mexico’s governing body for the regulation of civil aviation safety, infrastructure and technical development, the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), granted certification to Avlite for the company’s low and medium intensity obstruction lights to be sold throughout the country. The certification will cover Avlite’s L-810 Low Intensity Obstruction Light, as well as the L-864 Medium Intensity Obstruction Light. The certification was granted after extensive product review and testing by an independent organization.

Offering unmatched flexibility and reliability, Avlite System’s specializes in turn-key solar airfield & obstruction lighting solutions around the world in the harshest of environments. With the DGAC certification, Avlite has strengthened their position in providing cost effective solar obstruction lighting with leading edge GSM asset monitoring.

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