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19th April 2016

Avlite Systems Announces Complete Heliport Solution Brochure

Somerville, Victoria, Australia – 29 April 2016 — Avlite Systems today announced its complete heliport solutions brochure. Avlite Systems have worked extensively over the past two years to complete its heliport product offering and with its latest release of the all new LED inset Omnidirectional heliport lighting products and along with the cutting-edge monitoring and control systems Avlite Systems can now provide a total solution for its customers.

Avlite Systems works with strategic partners to consult and provide complete heliport or helipad solutions from initial design through to commissioning of the heliport for commercial applications, private or residential buildings, government installations and the hospitals/healthcare industry. These heliports or helipads are designed to the latest standards of the Civil Aviation Code of the country of installation. i.e. ICAO Annex 14 Vol 2, FAA Advisory Circular 150/5390-2C. 

Along with pre-packaged solutions, we provide highly customised and practical turnkey heliport solutions that fit our client's organisational needs and meet their required standards. 

Avlite’s complete heliport brochures are available in FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) or ICAO (International Civil Aviation Administration Organisation) and cover various other international and national rules, standards and best practices for helicopter operations.

Click link below for ICAO or FAA Brochure

Avlite Systems ICAO Complete Heliport Brochure

Avlite Systems FAA Complete Heliport Brochure

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