approach-path indicators

With an integrated solar / battery system, the light requires no external wiring - saving thousands of dollars in installation costs. During daylight hours the solar module will continually charge the battery, and the light will turn on automatically at night.

approach-path airfield indicators

Dual internal solar modules

approach-path airport indicators

LED Technology - no globes to change!

approach-path airstrip indicators

8Ah NiMH user-replaceable battery

approach-path approach indicators

Conforms to ICAO requirements for Taxiway edge lighting

approach-path centreline indicators

Low installation costsZero-maintenance (LED technology)

approach-path edge indicators

Independent of power grid

approach-path ground lighting indicators

No wiring3-year full warrantyAVC-300 (LIOL A - solar)The AVC-300 is a self-contained LED light designed to meet requirements of ICAO for marking obstructions where the height does not exceed 45m (LIOL Type A).

approach-path landing indicators

The AVC-300 is a completed integrated system, and will provide years of zero-maintenance service.

approach-path lead-in indicators

The light boasts a large internal 316-grade stainless steel battery compartment, a 20 LED flasher unit, and 4 premium-grade solar modules mounted to collect sunlight at all angles. The AVC300 is moulded from UV stabilized virgin polyethylene, providing enormous impact and weather resistance, in addition to high visibility IALA colours.

approach-path marker indicators

4 x 2watt solar modules7Ah SLA batteryHigh-visibility impact-resistant housing

approach-path movement indicators

LED technology - zero-maintenance (100,000hrs)

approach-path obstacle indicators

Weather and impact resistant housing

approach-path obstruction indicators

Easy installation AV-60/O (Solar)The AV-60/O is a compact solar-powered LED obstruction light.

approach-path perimeter indicators

The lantern is simply switched ‘on’, and the unit is ready for immediate operation. Once installed, operation of the AV-60/0 requires no operator intervention. During daylight hours the solar module will charge the battery, and the lantern will automatically begin operation at dusk – once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently. Coupled with LED technology, and a highly efficient DC/DC converter, the lantern may provide over 15 days of continuous operation without sunlight.

approach-path pilot indicators

Thousands of AV-60/O lights are currently in service throughout Asia, and continue to provide safe, hassle-free operation.

approach-path runway indicators

Integrated solar/battery system

approach-path taxiway indicators

LED technology - zero-maintenance

approach-path threshold indicators

8Ah user-replaceable battery
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